Ready to take to the sky in 3D All-Stars? Let our Super Mario 64 Wing Cap guide be your flight manual.

Super Mario 64: How to Get the Wing Cap

Ready to take to the sky in 3D All-Stars? Let our Super Mario 64 Wing Cap guide be your flight manual.
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The Wing Cap is Super Mario 64s most iconic item, but finding it isn’t the most straightforward thing in the game. Of course, you’re going to want to grab the Wing Cap because not only is it a cool-looking addition to Mario’s wardrobe, it helps you get floating coins and stars, and it helps slow Mario when he’s falling.

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Our guide covers how to get the Wing Cap, how to control Mario in flight, and how to complete some of the trickier Wing Cap Star challenges in Super Mario 64 for 3D All-Stars

How to Get the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64

You’ll need to gather 10 Stars before the Wing Cap becomes available. That should be easy enough, with four stages available almost from the start.

However you choose to get the Stars, head back to the Castle Lobby once you’ve acquired your 10th Star. There’s a shaft of light shining on the sun icon in the lobby. Switch the camera mode so it’s looking over Mario’s shoulder, then look up at the light.

You’ll be transported above the Castle and automatically have the Wing Cap, but there’s one more step to get the Wing Cap outside this stage.

Head down to the platform, and activate the red switch to make all red blocks solid. These red blocks cough up Wing Caps in certain levels moving forward.

The Wing Cap only lasts for 60 seconds. Hit the red block again to either refresh the cap or acquire it anew.

Fly around the towers and collect all the Red Coins to earn a special Star.

Super Mario 64 Wing Cap Controls

Mario’s Wing Cap controls use an inverted scheme.

  • Landing: Do a Ground Pound (press “ZL”) to land.
  • Takeoff: To fly, do a triple jump, and Mario stays in the air after the third jump.
  • Flight controls: Move the left stick down to make Mario fly up, and move the stick up to make him fly down

How to Complete “Wings to the Sky”

The next Wing Cap challenge is “Wings to The Sky.” It’s in the first stage, Bob-omb Battlefield, and you can complete it once you’ve activated the red switch as mentioned above.

“Wings to the Sky” is a Coin collecting mission, but this one has you soaring through Coin rings instead of collecting Red Coins.

Once you start the level, head right, near the first ramp, and hit the now-solid red block to grab the Wing Cap. Now go back to the start of the stage.

Enter the cannon there, then aim roughly near the floating island. Accuracy doesn’t matter here, since Mario starts flying at the end of the blast arc.

It’s best to land on the island now, then refresh the Wing Cap at the block there.

Then, drop into the cannon on the island, and aim at the Coin rings. Aim just a touch higher than the center Coin, and fire the cannon. Depending on how the flight goes, you may need to re-try a few times to get all of the coins, but there’s no time limit.

Wing Mario Over The Rainbow

There’s one other Wing Cap secret stage, opposite the entrance to Rainbow Ride. Go through the painting, and you’ll start Wing Mario Over The Rainbow. It’s much the same deal here: fly around, snag eight Red Coins, and get the Star.

That’s it for how to get the Wing Cap in Mario 64, as well has how to use it and how to complete the “Wings in the Sky” challenge. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario guides.

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