How to Blast Away the Wall in Super Mario 64

Our guide for how to blast away the wall in Super Mario 64 has everything you need to get that elusive Whomp's Fortress Star.

Whomp's Fortress puts Mario through the paces with its vertical shenanigans, but one star is trickier to get than the others: Star six, Blast Away The Wall. The wall near the cannon is a big one, and there's little in-game indication where you should aim to blast through it.

But we're here to take the confusion way. The method is the same regardless of which Super Mario 64 version you're playing — vanilla or in 3D All-Stars.

How to Blast Away the Wall in Super Mario 64

Blast Away The Wall is the sixth star in Whomp's Fortress, but you can get it at any point.

Climb up the fortress until you find the pink Bob-omb. You can do this the easy way by flipping back up onto the left wall near the dirt ramp right at the level's start.

Speak to them, and they'll open the cannon hatch right next to you.

Hop in the cannon, and look to the right. There are two walls you can break, but you want the one under the Red Coin (pictured above).

You'll want to shatter the corner of the wall. However, you should take into account the blast's arc and aim just a bit higher so you don't smack into the wrong spot lower down.

After that, let fly, and you'll know right away if your aim was accurate. If so, the wall's corner will break off, revealing the Star. Whether you hit the right spot or not, Mario loses a wedge of his power meter, so don't try this if your health is low.

Go back to the cannon, and aim roughly above the Star. The game's a bit forgiving here and lets you grab it even if your aim is slightly off.

And that's all you need to know about how to blast away the wall in Super Mario 64. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario 3D All-Stars guides in the coming days.


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Published Sep. 28th 2020

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