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Super Mario RPG: Best Bonuses to Level Up for Each Character

Find out which stats are ideal for your party members in Super Mario RPG.

You’ve got a few options on how you’ll maximize the capabilities of your party members. Our guide discusses the best level-up bonuses for each character in Super Mario RPG.

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The Best Level-Up Bonuses For Each Character in Super Mario RPG

The Super Mario RPG best character bonuses when leveling up are entirely dependent on their particular role in battle. Experience points from battles are awarded to the entire party, including those who aren’t in the squad when you defeat enemies. Each time you level up, you’ll choose from three options:

  • Mushroom: HP — Increases the health of a character. Ideally, you’ll want to increase a character’s HP at certain levels, while prioritizing either of the two offensive stats.
  • Hammer: Physical — Increases the normal attack damage and physical defense of a character.
  • Flower: Magic — Increases the magical damage and magical defense of a character.

Note that “magic” in this case refers to skill/ability damage (i.e. those that you cast when you select from the special options). Physical is simply the damage you deal when attacking with an equipped weapon.

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Best Stat Bonus for Mario: Physical or Magic

Personally, I feel that Mario excels more when it comes to physical damage. Whether I was smacking foes with a hammer, throwing turtle shells, or just punching enemies in the face, he was very dependable in the role. However, those who like to deal vicious hits with his Super Jump can opt to focus on magic instead.

Best Stat Bonus for Mallow: Magic

When it comes to level-up bonuses for characters in Super Mario RPG, Mallow is who really needs more magic boosts. This is primarily due to Thunderbolt, a lightning spell that hits all enemies. Add the restorative properties of HP Rain, and you’ve got someone who specializes in casting.

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Best Stat Bonus for Geno: Physical or Magic

I think Geno is one of the most versatile characters in the game. I found that both his normal attacks and special moves packed a punch, making physical and magical boosts equally viable. However, I would suggest leaning more toward magic, especially if you like spamming his devastating Geno Beam.

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Best Stat Bonus for Bowser: Physical

I’ll be honest: Bowser was a bit disappointing by the time he joined the party. He had high HP and physical stats, though his normal attacks were often eclipsed by Mario’s and Geno’s DPS. His special skills are also far from ideal since his magic stat is fairly low. That means abilities like Terrorize and Poison Gas barely deal damage and are mostly used to cause status effects. At best, you can just continue to increase his physical stat and HP.

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Best Stat Bonus for Peach: Magic

Princess Peach doesn’t join you until a few hours into the campaign. Similar to Mallow, you’ll want to boost her magic stat over time. This will strengthen her casted abilities, which are primarily used to heal allies, such as Group Hug and Therapy. Her starting physical stat is also atrocious, but still, you’ll get the most out of her abilities by focusing on Flower bonuses when leveling up.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about the best level-up bonus stats for each character in Super Mario RPG. Now that you’re aware of how to buff them further, you might be curious as to how characters get recruited as party members. For more tips and strategies, you can check out our SMRPG guides hub.

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