Super Mario Sunshine Yoshi Guide: How to Get Your Dinosaur Pal

You'll need Yoshi to get to the final level in Super Mario Sunshine. Here's how to find Yoshi and keep them alive.

You'll need Yoshi to get to the final level in Super Mario Sunshine. Here's how to find Yoshi and keep them alive.
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Super Mario Sunshine is finally back, coming as part of Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Like in many Mario adventures, Yoshi joins you along the way, but if you aren’t careful, you can make significant progress before he even shows up. As such, you might be wondering how to unlock Yoshi as they’re needed to eventually reach the final level.

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll soon be reunited with our trusted Dinosaur companion. Luckily, Yoshi can be found quite early on in Super Mario Sunshine.

How to Get Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine

Unlock Pinna Park and defeat Snooza Koopas

Your first step is unlocking Pinna Park, which is available after collecting 10 Shines and witnessing Princess Peach getting kidnapped yet again. You need to complete Episode 4 of this stage, “The Wilted Sunflowers,” which involves getting rid of some Snooza Koopas across the Park’s beach area.

That doesn’t involve any special requirements, so just wait until they get flipped over and jump on them to defeat these enemies.

Beat Shadow Mario

After finishing the stage, Shadow Mario appears in Delfino Plaza, and he has a stolen Yoshi Egg. It’s a standard chase sequence for Sunshine and like always, you need to keep hosing him down with F.L.U.D.D until he falls.

Once Shadow Mario is defeated, you can begin the process of hatching the Yoshi Egg. 

Yoshi Egg Location

After the Shadow Mario encounter, the egg appears in a different location. It can be found to the left of your starting point upon loading up Sunshine, on a nearby roof. 

How to hatch the Yoshi Egg

It’s not as simple as getting Yoshi to come out of the egg, though. Yoshi Eggs signal a fruit they want, which must be brought to them before they emerge.

Fruits can be found at the fruit market near the Lighthouse, and different fruits change Yoshi’s color. The iconic Green Yoshi isn’t among them, sadly, but there are three other options:

  • Orange Yoshi – Papaya or Pineapple
  • Pink Yoshi – Bananas or Coconut
  • Purple Yoshi – Durian or Pepper

The colors signal more than just a visual change, though. Yoshi can spray enemies with a unique juice attack that turns them into specific platforms.

  • Orange Yoshi turns them into stationary platforms
  • Pink Yoshi turns them into ascending platforms
  • Purple Yoshi turns them into forward-moving platforms

Juice also dissolves the orange goop barriers you find across Delfino Plaza, which cannot be breached by F.L.U.D.D’s standard water spray.

Note: You may have noticed the red pipe across Delfino Plaza’s rooftops with a pineapple stuck in it. Get Yoshi to eat this to unlock Sunshine’s 5th stage, Sirena Beach.

Does Yoshi appear in other locations? 

Outside of the Plaza, Yoshi only appears in a few different chapters across each area that usually make use of the juice attack to reach different areas.

How to keep Yoshi alive

Yoshi also has a juice meter, which they slowly go through as you play. If the juice meter runs out, they’ll disappear. To keep Yoshi alive, you must feed them more fruit via their tongue grab.

Make sure Yoshi doesn’t touch deep water either; any contact will make them immediately disappear.

That’s all you need to know about finding Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine. If you’re looking for more help with 3D All-Stars, be sure to check out our other 3D All-Stars guides, including how to find the wing cap and blast the wall away in Mario 64

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