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Survival: Fountain of Youth Complete Fishing Guide

Fishing is a great way to stay fed. Here's how to get started.

Fishing is a great way to stay stocked on food in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Not only can you catch a bunch of fish to eat, but for other crafting recipes as well. However, you’ll need the proper gear and skill before taking to the waters. Here’s everything you need to know about fishing!

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How to Fish in Survival: Fountain of Youth

If you chose a fishing pole from the starting items at the beginning of the game, you’re probably wondering how you can put it to use catching fish. Unfortunately, it takes more than just a pole to begin. You’ll need to learn the Fishing Skill Effect as well. We’ll show you exactly how to learn this skill, and if you don’t already have a pole, we’ll teach you how to craft one as well!

How to Learn the Fishing Skill

Before using a fishing pole, you’ll need to learn the Fishing Skill Effect. This requires research by finding the right skill book and reading it. Luckily, you can find a book not too far off from Ponce de Leon’s abandoned cave camp.

From the Ponce de Leon’s cave, continue through the cave to the opposite side (past the lit brazier). Then, continue northeast toward the jungly tree area. If you take the time to map out the area first in your Map menu, there will be a diamond icon on your map at the location you want to go. If not, keep heading in the same northeast direction, passing the Cartographer tree on your right, and you’ll eventually find some ruins.

Ruins spot on Island of Hope where fishing book is in Survival: Fountain of Hope
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There will be a low stone archway leading inside and a larger natural arch beyond. Under the larger arch with the hanging moss, you’ll see an Ancient Ark chest, and beside it to the left, you’ll find the book next to the sigil on the ground. This book should be the Book of Saint Albans. Pick it up, and then, from your Inventory, select the option to Read it. It will take a 10 hour process to completely finish it. Once you do, you’ll learn the Fishing skill.

How to Make a Fishing Pole

Now that you know how to fish, you’ll need a fishing pole to fish with. If you already chose the fishing pole from the Old Chest at the start, you can skip this step. If not, here’s what you’ll need to do to make one:

Open your Crafting menu and scroll down to the Tools category. In this category, you’ll have two fishing poles you can craft: the Primitive Fishing Rod and the Improved Fishing Rod. You’ll need a few different types of materials to make them.

Primitive Fishing RodLong Stick
Tendon Thread
Catch chance 50%
Base Durability 100
Improved Fishing RodFlexible Branch
Copper Ingot
Copper Needle
Tendon Thread
Catch chance 70%
Base Durability 200

With either fishing pole, you’ll be able to start catching some fish. Your chances will just be slightly increased with the improved version. Along with the fishing rod, however, you’ll also want to get some bait.

How to Get Bait

Bait is a great way to improve your chances of catching a fish. You can get several different types of bait, each varying in how effective they are. Here are some options and where you can get them:

  • Worms: Harvested from Bird Nests
  • Leaf Bait: Crafted with Narrow Leaves
  • Bird of Paradise Flower: From Birds of Paradise Plants

Once you have one of these items, you can use them when entering fishing mode.

How to Start Fishing

Now that we have all those steps out of the way, we can get down to the real business: catching a fish. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to start fishing just anywhere. You’ll need to be at a fishing spot. A fishing spot is a rod stand and stool on an outstretch of land over the ocean. Besides it, you’ll see a marked rock with a fish symbol. You’ll find one fishing spot on the Island of Hope, just east of Ponce de Leon’s abandoned cave camp.

  • Fishing spot in Survival: Fountain of Youth with fishing rod stand
  • Fishing process menu at fishing spot in Survival: Fountain of Youth

To begin the fishing process, approach the rod stand, and you’ll see the “Start Fishing” option pop up. Just like starting a fire, you’ll only have a chance to catch a fish, with an increased chance based on your fishing pole and bait. You may have to try multiple times before you catch anything.

How to Harvest Materials From Fish

You’ll catch random fish each time you start the fishing process. You may find rarer fish species depending on what bait you are using and what fishing spot you are at. The fish you catch can be used as food or as crafting materials (with their bones). To gather the ingredients from it, drop the fish carcass on the ground and then Interact with it to harvest the materials.

Those are all the details you need to know to get started fishing in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Head out there and try it for yourself to collect some fish. It’s a great way to stock up on food without having to hunt dangerous animals or wait for more coconuts to grow. Just make sure you keep your Fishing Pole repaired and some bait available, and you’ll be set.

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