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Tarisland Best Professions Tier List

If you can't decide which profession to learn in Tarisland, then check out our tier list of the best professions.

There are five professions in Tarisland that allow players to craft various items for their characters. But some professions are more important than others in this game. That’s why I created a tier list of the best professions in Tarisland for your convenience.

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Best Professions Tier List in Tarisland

You can learn each of the 5 professions from their corresponding trainers listed below once you reach SilverLit. Note that you can learn only one profession at a time, and if you decide to change your profession, then your character will have to forget the previous one.

S-Tier Profession


Alchemy profession trainer in Tarisland
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  • Crafting: Mixtures, Potions, Runes.

Alchemy is by far the most important profession in the game, as you learn how to make a whole variety of potions, mixtures, emblems, and runes that not only help you during combat but also improve all of your equipment. I can’t stress enough how important this profession is for support classes such as Bard and Priest.

This is also one of the most profitable professions in the game, as you can sell your potions to other players who plan on doing dungeon runs, raids, or tough boss fights. However, I also need to mention the ability of material transmutation, which allows you to transmute materials into different forms. This is especially important for obtaining various rare materials and valuable resources.

If you want to become a good alchemist in Tarisland, be sure to collect as many herbs as you can find in the world, even if it means purchasing more inventory space.

A-Tier Professions


Forging profession trainer in Tarisland
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  • Crafting: Helmets, Armor, Gauntlets, Shoulder Guards, Drilling Devices.

When it comes to basic defense, there’s nothing more important in Tarisland than armor and combat resurrection items. Forging should definitely be one of your primary professions, allowing you to craft powerful equipment. I’d personally recommend this profession for beginners over Alchemy, but later on, you should definitely switch, as Forging loses its appeal in the late game.

I also discovered that Forging is the only profession that allows you to craft bombs that are always in high demand, as they can’t be found in loot chests. This means that, as a Forger, you’ll have a consistent flow of clients wishing to purchase these and similar items from you. But I must warn you that Forging requires lots of Vigor, which is one of the most controversial stats in the game.


Tailoring profession trainer in Tarisland
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  • Crafting: Backpack Containers, Boots, Capes, Leather Gauntlets, Greaves.

Tailoring is similar to Forgin in many regards, but it has its own unique flavor, with lighter equipment being produced for less physically-enduring classes, such as Mages, Bards, and Priests. Tailors can be especially useful in teams that focus on carrying a lot of loot, where the ability to craft increased inventories comes in very handy.

I believe that having both Tailor and Forger in your squad would be the best solution. These two can work together and create some truly unique gear that will benefit the entire team. However, I must warn you that Tailoring requires more sophisticated and rarer resources for crafting than Forging, which makes it harder to find the necessary materials.

B-Tier Professions


Artisan profession trainer in Tarisland
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  • Crafting: Emblem Chests, Mounts, Toys, Advanced Fishing Baits.

The three professions that I mentioned above work equally well in both PvP and PvE modes. But the Artisan profession will fit mostly PvP players, as it’s the only profession capable of crafting explosive charges. These charges aren’t your typical bombs, as they deal much more damage. But since this demand is prevalent only in PvP mode, I’ve placed Artisan in the B-tier of Tarisland professions.

Besides Forging, the Artisan profession consumes the most amount of Vigor in the game. Fortunately, Artisans can craft advanced fishing baits that can help you catch fish that grant Vigor. However, in my opinion, the most important feature of this profession is the Emblem Chest, which can directly influence your character’s progression in the game.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making profession trainer in Tarisland
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  • Crafting: Accessories, Belts, Equipment Gems, Necklaces, Rings.

Jewelry-making may sound like a good profession of choice in Tarisland, but in reality, it’s highly dependent on market demands. Of course, if there’s a huge uptick in players looking for stat-enhancing jewels, then you can become very rich very quickly. But often, the volatile market leaves many jewelers with stockpiles of items that no one needs at the moment.

But this profession can be valuable to those who wish to enhance their character’s abilities by leveling up the Moonlight Rubik’s Cube, which does require lots of jewels. Since this profession is so unstable and has narrow specialization, I couldn’t put it anywhere higher than the B-tier.

That’s it for my tier list of the best professions in Tarisland. Stay tuned for more Tarisland tips and tricks articles right here.

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