Temtem: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Temtem is more fun with friends, so here's how to search, find, and add friends in Temtem for co-op goodness.

Temtem is more fun with friends, so here's how to search, find, and add friends in Temtem for co-op goodness.
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Temtem is basically a Pokemon MMORPG you can play with friends. While you can definitely travel across the Archipelago on your own, the real fun comes when you team up with your pals and work — or battle — together in co-op.

How to add and play with friends in Temtem isn’t quite clear, though, as there’s not a specific tutorial aimed at guiding you through that process. That’s why we’re here.

How to Find Friends and Add Friends for Temtem Co-Op

Before you can play with friends, they need to be added as friends in Temtem itself; Steam’s own friend lists don’t matter here.

The first thing you’ll do is open the main menu in Temtem; you can do that either by pressing “Escape” or “Tab”, or whatever the equivalent is on the controller you’re using.

From there, navigate to the friends tab, which is the one showing two people icons. You’ll see an “Interact” option and a “Friends” option. Go ahead and click Friends just for convenience, then select Tamer Search at the top of the screen.

Friend Search in Temtem

You’ve got two options to find other Tamers in Temtem. You can use their exact Tamer name or the ID number found after the Tamer name in their profile. Either will work, but don’t use both.

Once the system finds a match, click the magnifying glass to examine the profile and ensure it’s the right one. If so, click the icon with a “+” sign next to a little person figure, and you’ve just added your new friend.

Some players have encountered issues sending invitations this way, so an alternative is heading to the nearest Temporium and sending the invite that way.

Alternatively, if you’re receiving an invitation, the notification pops up in the upper left part of the screen, and you can just press “ctrl” to open it.

How to Play Co-Op in Temtem

Now you’ll need to interact with your friends to team up together. Go under the Interact part of the menu, and you’ll see a list of all your friends nearby. That’s because you can only play co-op in Temtem with friends who are in the same part of the map as you. (Since Crema is still working on patches and updates, that might change in the future, though.)  Click Co-Op, and you’ll start your journey with your friend.

And there you go. Assuming you don’t encounter any of the (many) bugs currently plaguing Temtem thanks to the massive interest in its Early Access, you’ll have a posse of Tamer pals to hang out with in no time.

If you do encounter issues, make sure to submit a bug report or contact Crema to explain what happened, as the dev team is actively working on fixing all bugs as they become apparent.

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