Learn how to level up fast, enchant gear, and combo out with your Reaper in this guide to TERA.

TERA Reaper Guide: Leveling, Gear, and Combos

Learn how to level up fast, enchant gear, and combo out with your Reaper in this guide to TERA.

Reaper is a top-tier class in TERA, and it’s not that easy to master this powerful young lady. Reaper starts with level 50, and it can be created only if you already have another character at level 40. So if you’re a new player, there is a lot of grinding waiting for you before you can start playing as Reaper.

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But if you’ve already gotten one and are looking for an up-to-date leveling guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on the best possible glyphs and crystals for Reaper’s weapons, her gear and accessories, and some of the best combos you can use in PvE and PvP.

How to Level Up Fast

Reaper in TERA

If you want your Reaper to shine in all her glory, then you simply ought to give her only the best possible gear and weapons. This means that you need to bring her up to level 65 as soon as possible.

How do you do this? Well, the best option is through dungeon queues or simply by accomplishing story quests. If none of these are an option for you, then you can try out side quests or vanguard quests.

The last way, although not as exciting, is purchasing the level 60 scroll, which will immediately grant you level 60. You can buy it here for 4995 EMP, which equals about $30.

Best Gear for Reaper

Gear selection screen in TERA

The top end gear for Reaper is the Stormcry set, which cannot be obtained immediately but must be upgraded from lower-tier sets. The whole progression system starts from the full Guardian set, which can be obtained by doing the “Fresh Arms and Legs” quest. However, you will see this quest only when you achieve level 65. So get to grinding!

After you receive the Guardian set, you can start converting it to more expensive sets with the help of enchantments. In this way, you can turn the Guardian set into the Twistshard set, which can be turned into the Frostmetal set. Lastly, the Frostmetal set can be turned into the Stormcry set.

Each enchantment requires certain items, which can be bought at the Specialty Merchant, and some amount of gold. Below you will find recipes for all four sets:

Guardian Set
  • Weapon:
    • 109x Golden Talent
    • 91x Wood Scrap
    • 39x Archdevan Catalyst
    • 6,974 Gold
  • Chest Armor:
    • 80x Golden Talent
    • 64x Wood Scrap
    • 28x Archdevan Catalyst
    • 4,971 Gold
  • Handwear/Footwear:
    • 66x Golden Talent
    • 51x Wood Scrap
    • 22x Archdevan Catalyst
    • 3,977 Gold
Twistshard Set
  • Weapon:
    • 353x Golden Talent
    • 100x Polished Arunic Ore
    • 9x Archdevan Oil
    • 21,251 Gold
  • Chest Armor:
    • 254x Golden Talent
    • 70x Polished Arunic Ore
    • 7x Archdevan Oil
    • 15,266 Gold
  • Handwear/Footwear:
    • 198x Golden Talent
    • 58x Polished Arunic Ore
    • 5x Archdevan Oil
    • 12,080 Gold
Frostmetal Set
  • Weapon:
    • 433x Golden Daric
    • 58x Liquid Metal
    • 40x Hypnotic Device
    • 5x Archdevan Surfactant
    • 46x Emerald
    • 5,221 Gold
  • Chest Armor:
    • 267x Golden Daric
    • 35x Liquid Metal
    • 26x Hypnotic Device
    • 3x Archdevan Surfactant
    • 28x Emerald
    • 3,922 Gold
  • Handwear/Footwear:
    • 187x Golden Daric
    • 26x Liquid Metal
    • 26x Hypnotic Device
    • 2x Archdevan Surfactant
    • 19x Emerald
    • 6,467 Gold
Stormcry Set
  • Weapon:
    • 504x Golden Plate
    • 96x Artisan’s Tools
    • 55x Copper Clasp
    • 28x Pansophic Ash
    • 9x Elemental Essence
    • 31x Emerald
    • 10x Diamond
    • 13,776 Gold
  • Chest Armor:
    • 341x Golden Plate
    • 68x Artisan’s Tools
    • 41x Copper Clasp
    • 20x Pansophic Ash
    • 7x Elemental Essence
    • 21x Emerald
    • 7x Diamond
    • 13,076 Gold
  • Handwear/Footwear:
    • 245x Golden Plate
    • 50x Artisan’s Tools
    • 34x Copper Clasp
    • 16x Pansophic Ash
    • 6x Elemental Essence
    • 24x Emerald
    • 4x Diamond
    • 18,885 Gold

Best Defensive and Offensive Crystals

Various offensive and defensive crystals in TERA

You can use glyphs and crystals to enhance your Reaper’s weapons and gear. The glyphs depicted in the image above are standard for the most optimal PvE experience. However, when it comes to crystals, the two best options for offense are Forceful and Slaying, and for defense, Glistening and Relentless.

Forceful set of crystals is great for your weapon, as it will increase the attacking power from the rear. However, you must be ready to change it for Slaying crystals that will increase critical damage when you drop below the 50% threshold of your HP. 

When it comes to gear crystals, you need powerful mana regeneration ability, which is provided in full by the Glistening crystals. But you also need a lot of health to survive enemy attacks, so be sure to use Relentless on the rest of your gear.

Reaper Rotations and Combos

Screen shot from TERA

Reapers acquire an active skill at level 60 called Shadow Reaping. This is one of their most powerful combat skills. But since you can link many different skills together, below you will find a few other useful options for cool combos and rotations:

  • Shadow Reaping –> Pendulum Strike –> Whipsaw –> Grim Strike –> Sundering Strike
  • Death Spiral –> Double Shear –> Grim Strike –> Sundering Strike –> Death Spiral

The above combos are very effective in terms of damage, but they consume a lot of mana. If you want something that is still high on damage and doesn’t require mana refill, then try these two:

  • Cable Step –> Shadow Burst
  • Cable Step –> Shadow Lash

As you can see, it takes a lot of work to unlock Reaper and to upgrade it to its top-tier form, but as soon as you do, you will have the most powerful character in TERA.

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