Terra Nil: Abandoned Quarry No Trees Fix

Wondering why there are no trees on the Abandoned Quarry map in Terra Nil? Here's how to get them.

Wondering why there are no trees on the Abandoned Quarry map in Terra Nil? Here's how to get them.

The Abandoned Quarry map becomes available after beating Terra Nil one time, but you may discover that there are no trees when playing it. This “hard-mode” map will test everything you’ve learned in the reverse city builder, forcing you to think outside the box if you want to reclaim the wastes a second time. It’s easier to make a lake on this map, but how do you generate the Fynbos ecosystem if there are no trees on the map? 

How to Fix No Trees on Abandoned Quarry in Terra Nil

Fixing the no tree issue on Abandoned Quarry in Terra Nil is actually pretty simple. Though it may seem like it, the absence of trees is a purposeful part of the Quarry’s design. It’s meant to make you think critically and employ all of your terraforming knowledge to solve the puzzle. 

Once you’ve gone through the initial terraforming stage and opened the second tier of buildables, you’ll need to add Forests, Marshland, and Fynbos. However, Fynbos requires you to place Beehives on trees — and Forests require you to burn Fynbos land. 

To create trees on this Terra Nil map, go to your weather-altering buildings, and choose the Dehumidifier. Place the Dehumidifier on a rock in green grass. While this building lowers humidity for the whole map, it also creates Dry Brush

Once you place a Dehumidifier to create Dry Brush, place the Solar Amplifier in the Brush to start a controlled burn. This will raze the grass and any nearby buildings to create Building Husks, where you can place Arboretums to create Forests. 

From there, you can place Beehives on trees to create Fynbos land within the biome to move your ecosystem meters forward. 

And that’s all there is to fixing the no trees issue on the Abandoned Quarry map in Terra Nil. For more, we have a guide on how to get all animals in each biome.

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