With no Hero Points to spare, your Marvel Puzzle Quest roster should stay away from the ten worst cards in the game.

The 10 worst cards in Marvel Puzzle Quest

With no Hero Points to spare, your Marvel Puzzle Quest roster should stay away from the ten worst cards in the game.

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, you get a lot of choices for your team. It is important to know which cards are just THE WORST. 

With this in mind, most of these cards can be really great but only if you have a good support team. 

Let's look at the first card: Carnage. Carnage is not someone you ever want to go against in PvP or PvE. However, unless you have someone on your team that gives true healing, you won't be able to play very long without losing a lot of your team's health if he was on your team. 

Carnage is an equal opportunity card. For every time he does a move against the enemy, the move is done to his allies. His Alien Instincts (black) power creates friendly and enemy strike tiles. As his level goes up, their strength goes up. Symbiote Scythes (red) power attacks the target at a high damage, but also attacks everyone else at a lower damage. At high levels that is over 2000 damage to your teammates. 

Use it well and Carnage is a beast on your team. However, if you don't prepare carefully, then he can easily ruin his own team's chances. 

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Spider-man (Bag-man) has no redeeming qualities. He is universally called the worst card in the game. 

Honestly, I forget he is even a possible card in the game. 

Bag-man's powers are fairly useless. Switcheroo (purple) power just switches two tiles. At least when Moonstone switches tiles, the enemy takes damage as well. The Web-slinger (blue) just locks tiles and Snarky Remark (yellow) can reduce a countdown level of a tile on the board. 

He is nothing spectacular.

Even though they have helped Ragnarok's powers a little bit in past updates, he still is considered a pretty horrible character to keep on your team. 

Ragnarok's powers are now a little better but still underwhelming. Godlike Power (green) destroys a row but damages the enemy as well as allies. However, luckily Ragnarok's damage is sub-par and the allies are barely hurt. His other powers, Thunderclap (red) and Lightning Rod (blue), create Charged tiles. That is really all he does. 

Sentry. Does he do anything useful? Sometimes. Is he worth the Hero Points? Definitely not.

Sentry is another character that hurts his allies as well as the enemies. His damage does not really do well until it's pointed at himself as well. Sacrifice (yellow) has it's effect right in the name. He damages himself at great length just to create a Strike tile. 

I would take 1-star Iron Man over 3-star Iron Man (Model 40) any day. And that is saying something.

Iron Man (Model 40) is like a bleeding wound to your team. He drains AP from other colors when using his powers. And he tries to redeem himself with Recharge where after a two-turn countdown some AP is given back. Considering how much AP is needed to activate his other powers and that he will be stunned at the end of Recharge, Iron Man (Model 40) is more of a nuisance than a help. 

Those who have been playing since the beginning will know that 3-star Spider-man (Classic) used to be amazing. He was the card to have. 

Now he is not. 

For those who may not know, when Marvel Puzzle Quest first came out whenever any of the characters healed it was always true healing. This made a character like Spider-man (Classic) a must have character. His Web Bandages (yellow) power would keep you team healthy when you tried to fight play for long amounts of time without health packs. Now his meager health increases are only temporary and not as useful as they used to be. His other powers can stun and create Protect tiles. He is a support character, but now that he does not do true healing he has lost his usefulness.

Vision can be useful if he has the right team. If he doesn't have a good team, his powers just feel like he is playing ring-around-the-rosy with the enemies. 

Vision is a minefield of confusion. Vision's powers really only do anything good if you have his countdown tiles already on the board. The AP needed for his moves is pretty low so it can be helpful, but he does not actually do a lot. Some damage here and there, but nothing spectacular. 

The Hulk (Totally Awesome) is not as awesome as his title insists. His green move may be amazing but his others are lackluster in comparison. 

Mastermind Excello (green) is a great power house with his high possibility of damage. His other powers however, See the Math of it (blue) creates some charged tiles and Hot Dog Stand (black) can only be used when there are not a lot of blue tiles on the field and stuns him after he is healed for a little bit of health. 

Considering that his green move can do very well the more blue tiles are on the field and his black move only works when there are less than 7 tiles on the board, his powers are working against each other. 

Devil Dinosaur may have been a cool idea when they first came out, but you rarely see him now. The damage he can do can be pretty good, but compared to other 4-star characters it pales in comparison. 

His Prehistoric Arms (purple) power is about as useful as Bag-man's Switcheroo. Which is not at all. 

His other two powers only cause damage, but not as much as other 4-star characters. There are even 1-star characters that can cause more damage.

Another character that can only really be good if you play it with a good team, Invisible Woman could definitely have been a better character. She does not have the same weight as other 4-star characters and that makes her one of the worst cards in the game. 

Characters that create a protection bubble on tiles can be just as much as a nuisance to their team as to their enemies. Invisible Woman has a good thing she does, she can make the weakest member of your team Invisible and they cannot be attacked. Her Force Field Crush (green) can only do well if you have Force Bubbles (blue) leveled up. The more that it is leveled up the better her Force Field Crush will damage.

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