The Best 8 Quirks for a Maddening Run of Darkest Dungeon

Opulent and Imperial Quirks await those with the keen eye to seek them out.

Opulent and Imperial Quirks await those with the keen eye to seek them out.

Having just launched on iOS, Darkest Dungeon is still going strong. It seems as if the call to madness and redemption is answered by sinners and saints alike, all with their unique quirks.

So let us steel ourselves, for We are the Flame, and Darkness fears us. The caretaker has complied a list of the eight most useful quirks found in our Heroes (subject to professional psychiatrist’s prognosis). 

What is a Quirk?

Quirks in Darkest Dungeon are traits that Heroes possess and obtain — either from the beginning of their adventure at the stage coach, or through effects and changes that take place during their expeditions. These traits can be positive or negative, and they can directly alter the stats of your Heroes — or even force them to take certain actions. (Someone who is Compulsive, for example, may interact with items you really don’t want them to touch.)

These Quirks can be acquired from stress relief activities in the Hamlet, or most commonly during (and in the aftermath of) an expedition. Fulfilling the quest objective and having a low stress level decreases the chance of taking on a negative quirk. But failing the objective and having high stress drastically increases the chances for bad quirks.

What Are the Best Quirks in Darkest Dungeon?

Obviously, you want to try your best to collect positive quirks that will enhance your character and their abilities. But not all positive quirks are created equal. Here are the absolute best quirks that will help you survive even the darkest of dungeons. 


A 10% chance to turn any MISSED attack into a HIT.

Though an extremely useful skill for any dungeon-delving Hero, this quirk is particularly useful on Lepers — as their default accuracy is somewhat low. But it’s not just a crutch to help Lepers. This Quirk is useful on the vast majority of Heroes. (Just think of how many lives could have been saved if just one missed strike landed.)

Hard Skinned

+10% PROT 

10% damage reduction without the need for in combat skill use? The advantages of this quirk speak for themselves. A Man at Arms, Leper, or a Crusader will get the most out of this quirk with their naturally high health pool. 


+10% Max Health

Topped off with Hard Skinned, having a Hero who’s Tough will seriously bolster their ability to take damage and survive even the most grueling of fights. This quirk is ultimately useful on any Hero, but one could argue that it benefits tanks more than other classes.

On Guard

+4 Speed, +5 Dodge, during the first round of combat.

This is an excellent trait for any Hero, but it’s a true boon for Highwaymen, Grave Robbers, and Hellions. The bonus speed on your first round of combat helps to quickly kill your foes, and the dodge helps you stay out of harm’s way when the enemy comes out swinging. 

Quick Draw

+4 Speed during the first round of combat.

Almost exactly the same as On Guard, but without the dodge bonus. It might seem like an inferior quirk, but that extra speed can be the deciding factor in whether that all-important critical hit lands on the boss you’re facing.


+10% damage with ranged attacks

Having a steady damage output, the Graverobber and Highwayman both benefit greatly from the Unerring Quirk. With this buff making them even deadlier, they’ll be able to quickly dispatch most foes that you face in your quests.

Eagle Eye or Precise Striker

Eagle Eye: +3% Ranged Crit chance
Precise Striker: +3% Melee Crit chance

Although two seperate Quirks, Eagle Eye and Precise striker fulfill virtually the same role in terms of damage-dealing, increasing your chance to crit with ranged or melee strikes. This is a great quirk for any primary damage dealing heroes.


+5% Virtue Chance

Possibly one of the best Quirks to get on any Hero, the Irrepressible Quirk grants an increased chance for a hero to become Virtuous — which is the opposite of Afflicted. Many battles have seen the tides turn thanks to a Hero being able to withstand the horrors of the world around them, so this quirk can be invaluable in dire situations that would break lesser minds/spirits.

All the positive quirks in Darkest Dungeon are useful, but these eight in particular will serve your frontline fighters well — helping them to withstand, sustain, and dish out even more damage. But keep in mind that the Caretaker is an odd man. And despite his list being useful, there are plenty of other quirks and combinations that will help you make it through the Darkest Dungeon.

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