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15 of the Best Minecraft PE Mods for Mobile: The Definitive List

Here are the 15 best Minecraft PE mods for mobile devices.

The Minecraft modding community is one of the largest in the world, creating some of the most amazing free add-ons that anyone can try out — even those who play Minecraft PE. Sadly, there aren’t that many great mods for Android and iOS versions of Mojang’s incredibly popular sandbox game. So instead of wasting your time searching for them, we’ve outlined the 15 best Minecraft PE mods for mobile players like you. Even better? These are all fully compatible with the Bedrock Edition of the game, too!

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The 15 Best Minecraft PE Mods for Mobile Players

Furnicraft 3D Block Mod

Image via Furnicraft/RobertGamer69

It’s true that you can make some nice-looking furniture in Creative Mode, but the vanilla version of the game still lacks a ton of textures and colors. The Furnicraft 3D Block add-on is a great addition to any best Minecraft PE mods list, providing you with a whole slew of furniture designed in professional 3D software. Beyond that, the mod allows you to rotate furniture — and even sit on it. Furnicraft 3D comes with its own workshop, so you can also edit all the blocks to your liking!

Serp Pokedrock Mod

Image via Modbay/Zacek el Serpentin

Pokemon in Minecraft always sounds like a good idea! The Pixelmon mod is still incredibly popular. But Pixelmon isn’t the only Pokemon mod worth downloading. Pokedrock introduces excellent Pokemon models and delivers an excellent battle system, mounts, and real evolutions. There’s also a full tutorial once you download and install this mod to help you hit the ground running. Pokemon will appear in various biomes, so there’s an element of surprise to finding and catching them, too.

Actual Guns 3D Mod

Image via Pixelpoly/Actual Guns 3D Team

Turn your survival Minecraft game into a real battle royale with the Actual Guns 3D mod, which adds nine realistic 3D guns to the game. Each weapon is carefully balanced, and the list includes a sniper rifle, a shotgun, an SMG, an assault rifle, and other weapons. All guns can be obtained by trading with the cleric villager. My favorite part about this mod is that it has excellent aiming and reload animations, letting you (kind of) play something like BattlBit Remastered in MC.

True Survival Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Image via Four Worlds Studios

The True Survival Zombie Apocalypse mod makes our list of the best Minecraft PE mods isn’t just because it turns all mobs into hostile zombies. Indeed, it’s a complete rehash of the survival aspect that we all love in MC. Your goal is to kill zombies, take their hearts, and craft vaccines. Once you “cure” zombies with vaccines, they turn into normal villagers, with whom you can interact and trade. It’s a lot of fun.

Lance Furniture Mod

Image via Lancelot/Lawrence Kuo

Two furniture mods on our best MC PE mods list? That’s right! Contrary to what the name implies, Lance Furniture isn’t just about furniture. Instead, it’s a totally unique mod that adds security cameras and surveillance to Minecraft. You can place as many as you want outside of a village or outside of your house to make sure that no hostile mobs enter your territory ever again. I highly recommend this truly creative add-on for fans of the Hardcore mode.

More Simple Structures Mod

Image via iKorbon

If you’re tired of seeing the same old structures over and over again, then be sure to install this cool mod. It adds over 100 new structures to Minecraft PE, and the creator of the mod, iKorbon, consistently updates the mod with new ones. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. That only earns it a spot on this best Minecraft PE mods roundup.

True Backpack Mod

Image via TrueCowboy

Would you like to carry more things in Minecraft PE? Tired of always being at capacity when exploring or building? Well, the True Backpack mod solves that issue by providing you with a truly massive amount of storage space for your items. You can separate items into their own categories and gain access to detailed descriptions of each one. It’s the perfect add-on for us packrats out there.

World Animals Mod

Image via Arath Nido

Have you ever wanted to see elephants in Minecraft PE? While many animals have been added to MC over the years, the World Animals mod adds elephants and so many other majestic animals to the mix. I suggest regularly checking creator Arath Nido’s official Twitter for all the new animals being regularly added to the mod.

Damage Indicator Mod

Image via Coptaine

Every Minecraft player can see their HP bar at the bottom of the screen. But you never know how much damage you’ve dealt or how much HP a mob has left. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you’re close to killing the last enemy invading your village when you’re down to the last sliver of health? The Damage Indicator and Health Bar mod fixes that problem, and you’ll always know how much is left on any mob’s or NPC’s health gauge.

InSaRe’s Warfare Mod

Image via InSaRe

Is it possible to play Call of Duty in Minecraft PE? Absolutely! The InSaRe’s Warfare mod adds a plethora of CoD weapons and gear to Minecraft PE, with some really fantastic models, too. The creator of the mod, InSaRe, has done a great job adding unique animations to each gun so that you really feel like you’re playing Call of Duty. It’s another BattleBit Remastered rival.

Connected Glass Mod

Image via Habib Anwash

The Connected Glass mod is one of the more interesting cosmetic add-ons designed specifically for glass structures in Minecraft PE. You can make so many different shapes with unusual colors and geometries, greatly expanding your possibilities when building a house or base. All new glass blocks can also be crafted in Survival mode, and all recipes are automatically added once you install it.

Morphing Bracelet Mod

Image via CookieDookie

Morphing Bracelet is a unique skin mod that allows you to craft a bracelet that transforms your character into one of many existing entities in Minecraft PE. What surprised me the most about this one is that you also gain the stats of the mobs, such as HP and strength. Be sure to check out CookieDookies’s official Twitter for updates!

Faithful 64x Mod

Image via Curse Forge/Faithful_Resource_Pack

It’s no secret that Minecraft looks a bit … bad … on mobile devices, especially when you compare it to the PC and console versions. But the Faithful 64x mod fixes that by installing high-resolution textures — making it a no-brainer for our best Minecraft PE mods list. Dynamic lighting has also been added for maximum immersive effect. Just look at that landscape painting the game in a completely different light!

Among Us Mod

Image via Arath Nido

If you love playing Among Us — and who doesn’t? — then you’ll love this mod, which adds a whole slew of Among Us character skins to Minecraft PE. The rules of the game are also applied in Minecraft, but you’ll need to craft the costumes to be able to play the game properly. And, of course, you’ll need to hop into multiplayer.

Total Carnage Mod

Image via Curse Forge/codanraigen21

Is Hardcore Mode too easy in Minecraft PE? Wish you had something a bit more challenging? Whelp, Total Carnage adds over 200 new hostile mobs to the mix, and makes them more powerful, too. You’ll encounter so many overpowered monsters that you may want to reduce the difficulty.

Those are the 15 best Minecraft PE mods. Be sure to check out more MC tips and tricks articles, as well as lists for more mods and seeds, on our dedicated guides page.

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