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The Best Riktor Build in Predecessor

Riktor is a great asset in Predecessor, and with the right build, he can be a tank menace.

Riktor is a tank character capable of standing his ground in a chaotic team fight, and his ability to pull an enemy player is one of the best qualities of the character, but having the wrong build can take away from his potential. So, come here and learn about the best Riktor build in Predecessor.

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Predecessor: The Best Riktor Build

Riktor is great for starting team fights and pulling sneaky enemies before they get away with low health. His hook ability is great for isolating the enemy, specifically high-damage opponents, so his allies can take them down quickly. To have the best Riktor build in Predecessor, you’ll need the following items:

Saphir’s Mantle

Saphir’s Mantle gives you more health and physical and magical armor besides the Atlas ability. Saphir’s Mantle can be acquired by getting the Titan Crest, evolving it to a Goliath Crest through the game, and later transforming it to Saphir’s Mantle. This item will give you the following stats:

  • +180 Health
  • +8 Physical armor 
  • +5 Magical armor
  • Atlas (75-second cooldown): Increase your size and max health by 12% for 6 seconds. Deals 55 (+1% max health) damage to nearby Heroes. After Atlas’ duration, permanently increase your max health by 20% of the damage dealt.
  • Cost: Free


Dawnstar will help you stay in team fights longer as the item gives you more base health regeneration, armor, health, and ability haste. Riktor is a tank, so resisting damage and regenerating health fast is a benefit so he can stay in the lane for more time and push the enemy’s minions. Dawnstar gives you the following stats:

  • +250 Health
  • +75% Base Health Regeneration
  • +20 Physical Armor
  • +10 Ability Haste
  • Debilitating Strikes (when basic attacking heroes): Reduce their damage dealt by 2% for 3 seconds. Basic attacks apply 2 stacks, and this goes up to 5 times.
  • Crusader (On immobilizing heroes): Gain 20% attack speed for 2.5 seconds
  • Cost: 2,600

Fire Blossom

Fire Blossom will give players passive damage as this item deals 15 (+1% max health) damage each second, besides other benefits. The Heatwave effect may go unnoticed by other players, but with this item, you’ll damage players while you chase them down. Fire Blossom will give you the following benefits:

  • +350 Health
  • +35 Physical Armor
  • Heatwave: Deals 15(+1% max health) damage each second
  • Firestorm (when Heatwave damages a target): Deals 6.25% more damage each second, up to 50%. Firestorm resets after not damaging the target for 2.5 seconds.
  • Cost: 2,950

Tainted Bastion

This item will give you more health, magical armor, and base health regeneration. With Tainted Bastion, Riktor will take magical damage without any issue. The increased health regeneration will help you take damage and recover some health without going to base after each team fight. Tainted Bastion will give you the following stats:

  • +300 Health
  • +30 Magical Armor
  • +75% Base Health Regeneration
  • Blighted Veil (On taking magical damage): Reduce the source’s healing by 40% for 3 seconds
  • Colossus: Mitigate 3% of damage taken. This effect is doubled against Blighted targets.
  • Cost: 2,900

Fist of Razuul

This item will improve your health, physical armor, and ability haste. With Fist of Razuul, you’ll improve your tank abilities. Razuul’s Might allows you to heal and deal bonus damage so you finish a fight without using your health potions. Fist of Razuul will give you the following stats:

  • +450 Health
  • +25 Physical Armor
  • +10 Ability Haste
  • Razuul’s Might (when dealing or receiving damage): For the next 3 seconds, generate a stack each second. Upon reaching 5 stacks, empower your next basic attack. Deals (+3% max health) bonus damage. This effect is doubled on heroes. Heal for 50% of bonus damage dealt.
  • Minion Crusher: Deal 30% increased damage to minions.
  • Cost: 3,100

Tainted Guard

Tainted Guard will give you more health, physical armor, and ability haste. Ability Haste lowers your ability cooldowns, so having more in your arsenal doesn’t hurt. Besides those effects, Blighted Thorns will help you deal damage over time to your opponents every time they attack you. Tainted Guard will give you the following benefits:

  • +250 Health
  • +40 Physical Armor
  • +10 Ability Haste
  • Blighted Thorns (On being hit by basic attacks): Reduces the source’s healing by 40% for 3 seconds. Apply a bleed dealing 60(+30% physical power) damage over 3 seconds.
  • Cost: 2,900

Crystalline Cuirass

Most of our Riktor build has focused on improving your health and physical armor, so Crystalline Cuirass will help you get some magical armor and base health regeneration. Crystalline Cuirass will give you the following benefits:

  • +250 Health
  • +40 Magical Armor
  • +75% Base Health Regeneration
  • Celestial Carapace: When taking Magical Damage, gain a stack of Celestite for 5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 6 times and can only be earned once every 0.5 seconds
  • Celestite: Gain 5 Magical Armor per stack. At 6 stacks, gain 15% Movement Speed
  • Cost: 3,000

All this extra health will benefit you throughout your match as Riktor’s passive gives him a shield based on his maximum health, so by the end of the game, you should be almost unkillable.

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