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The Best Way to Get Easy Penetration Kills in MW3

Wondering how to get Operator Penetration kills in MW3? Theses are our tips.

If you want to unlock the Interstellar camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you need to know the best way to get Operator Penetration kills. Thankfully, there are two easy methods, and both are consistent, provided you play the right way and stick to the right locations.

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How to Get Operator Penetration Kills in Modern Warfare 3

Operator penetration kills are exactly what they sound like: you get a kill while shooting through something like wood or sheet metal. If you’re going for the Interstellar camo, you’ll need to get 10 penetration kills on each of the four MW3 LMGs for one of the base camo challenges. If you play your cards right, and with a bit of luck, you can get them all in relatively few matches.

For a kill to count as penetration, you need to get the Wallbang notification at both the middle and top of the screen. And there are two fantastic ways to get them.

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How to Farm Operator Penetration Kills in MW3

The final gate before the bunker in War mode. Near the end of the Tank section of War, there’s a closed gate that the tank will eventually burst through. It’s thin sheet metal, and if you’re on offense, the enemy team spawns behind it, meaning you can post up and shoot through it as the tank rolls up.

Defenders have it even easier, as you have several lines of sight to shoot through, especially the doorway on the left. Holding down that position and taking down anyone who hops in the tank gunner can easily get you at least a few penetration kills a match.

Shooting through any chain-link fencing. For whatever reason, if you get a kill by shooting through a chain-link fence, it counts as shooting through a wall. Maps like Scrapyard are fantastic for farming penetration kills, as there’s a big section of fence on the west side of the map. Take a position facing the warehouse at the back and cover the truck. You should be good to go.

Additional spots for penetration kills include both back-left spawns on Highrise, the cushions at the B point on Skidrow, the sheet metal sections at the C point on Quarry, and the plane on Terminal. These points of interest are more situational for getting Wallbangs and Operator penetration kills, but they’re also popular places for enemy players to hang out, especially in objective modes. Provided you can see your enemies coming, you can prepare to quickly step behind the thin cover and take them out.

Other Tips for Getting More Operator Penetration Kills

If I were to make one final recommendation, it would be to stick to War mode. Regular 6v6 is great and all, but it’s too random. You might go over an hour without getting a map that’s good for penetration kills. However, in War, you can almost always guarantee at least one or two if you play your cards right. War also never changes. The map plays relatively the same every time, and you can quickly get a feel for the flow of a match.

The one thing I don’t recommend doing is lobby surfing. Trying to find the perfect map or leaving when a match is going poorly is more likely to add to your frustration than alleviate it. Trust me. I tried. There’s a time and place for picking your battles and maps, but if you want to farm as efficiently as possible, you need to stay the course.

And with that, you have two of the best ways to get Operator penetration kills in Modern Warfare 3. For more content on the game, such as how to get ADS and fully loaded eliminations or the best loadouts for guns like the WSP Swarm, click the links or check our MW3 guides hub.

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