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The Best Way to Get Ether Cane During The Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2

Ether Cane is one of the easiest ingreidents to get during The Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2.

Of the dozens of ingredients available during The Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2, Ether Cane is one of the easiest to get your hands on. The enemies that provide it are plentiful and simple to defeat, but some quick and consistent activities make farming it a sinch.

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How to Get Ether Cane During The Dawninf 2023 in Destiny 2

Getting Ether Cane in Trostland during The Dawning 2023
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You get Ether Cane by defeating Fallen enemies anywhere in the game. Like all the other ingredients, such as Balanced Flavors and Bullet Spray, getting Ether Cane to drop is entirely random, and you’re liable to also get tons of others while farming for it. However, in my testing, all I had to do was go to Trostland in the EDZ and wander around defeating Fallen Dregs and Shanks for about three minutes before my first Ether Cane dropped.

How to Farm Ether Cane in The Dawning 2023

The Trostland landing zone on the EDZ
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Defeating Fallen in Trostland is probably the easiest farm for Ether Cane in Destiny 2, as well. All three of the Lost Sectors have Fallen enemies in fair enough amounts. They’re also all at base Power, so you can farm Ether Cane at any point in your career as a Guardian. Lastly, the only Public Event in Trostland is the Fallen Glimmer Drill, which spawns tons of them.

Should you want a break from Trostland farming, both the Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strikes, available in the Cosmodrome, have probably the highest density of Fallen enemies in the game. If you launch them from the Cosmodrome destination, they’ll be as easy as they get, meaning you can complete them as casually as you like.

The Devil's Lair Strike activation node on the Cosmodrome
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Best Farming Weapons and Subclasses

If you want to streamline your Ether Cane farming, I’d recommend using a Strand weapon and subclass. For some reason, there are no Strand-centric ingredients or recipes during The Dawning 2023. That means if you use a Strand Build and only use Strand-damage weapons, you sidestep more than half of the possible other ingredient drops.

Those are the best ways I know to quickly and easily farm Ether Cane during The Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2. They aren’t as arcane or inconsistent as, say, Vex Milk or Perfect Taste, and we’ve covered even more ingredients in our D2 guides hub.

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