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The Best Way to Get Perfect Taste During the Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2

The Perfect Taste ingredient is tough to come by during The Dawning event in Destiny 2, but here's how to get it.

Getting ingredients is essential to enjoying The Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2, and some of them aren’t easy to come by. Indeed, some grinding may be involved. Perfect Taste is one of the harder to find, so I’ll tell you the best way to get and farm it for cookies and other Holiday treats.

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How to Get Perfect Taste During the Dawning 2023 in Destiny 2

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To get Perfect Taste during The Dawning 2023, you need to defeat enemies with melee abilities. Specifically, you need to use powered melee abilities to ensure you get Perfect Taste. That means Hunter knives, Titan Hammers or electric fists, and Warlock projectiles. I’ve had no luck finding the ingredient with default melee attacks. The enemy must fall to a charged ability.

If you don’t have a build that can easily restore those, Perfect Taste is the opposite of Balanced Flavors — and certainly Ether Cane — because it’s one of the hardest of all recipe ingredients to acquire. To efficiently farm Perfect Taste, then, you need two things.

  • You need some way to quickly and easily get your melee ability back.
  • You also need an activity with tons of enemies so you’re not wasting time between kills.

How to Farm Perfect Taste

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The two activities I always recommend when you need tons of essentially free kills are the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon opening area and the Altars of Sorrow on the Moon. Grasp is for those who own the 30th Anniversary collection (which you should buy for both the Dungeon and the Gjallarhorn). Altars of Sorrow is free, and the main issue is the other Guardians who’ll be around fighting you for kills. After all, we all want to bake some delicious cookies.

How to Get Melee Ability Kills for Perfect Taste in Dawning 2023

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Best Gear and Abilities for Hunters

The combination of the Solar Knock ’em Down Aspect and Ember of Torches ensures that its energy will immediately be refunded if you get a kill with your powered melee. Arc Hunters have Combination Blow, which refills class ability energy on a kill and can be combined with Gambler’s Dodge to instantly refill melee energy. The same interaction is true for both Void and Strand Hunters: use melee, use Gambler’s Dodge, repeat. Note that for Void and Strand, you’ll need to build for melee energy regen with the Invigoration Leg Armor mod.

Best Gear and Abilities for Warlocks

Solar Warlocks with the Sunbracers Exotic are probably the easiest class to get powered melee kills with, as they have one of the most efficient recharge interactions. Get a kill with your powered melee to supercharge your grenade cooldown. Ensure you’re in the air as your Grenade gets kills to receive a massively reduced melee cooldown, which you can additionally boost with mods. Warlocks of other classes have it pretty easy, too, but you need to take more time to build into melee regen. Solar with Sunbracers is just this side of braindead.

Best Gear and Abilities for Titans

The best melee regen for Titans is a contest between Solar and Arc. Solar has Throwing (bonk) Hammers, which have a very short cooldown provided you pick the hammer back up. Arc Titans have the Insurmountable Skullfort Exotic Helmet that instantly refunds your melee energy when you get a powered kill. Fail to secure said kill with either class and you’re left with a cooldown. Void and Strand Titans will need to do a bit of building around their melee recharge, but pair either with the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest, and you won’t really need to worry.

Why is Perfect Taste Not Dropping In Destiny 2?

So, full disclosure: I farmed the opening encounter of Grasp of Avarice for about 15 minutes but managed to rack up about 100 or so powered melee kills in that time. Out of those 100+ kills, I got two units of Perfect Taste. I got a lot of other ingredients as well, but Perfect Taste was particularly rare. So, while I can confirm that it does drop, the values on it might need tweaking on the backend.

In short, Perfect Taste isn’t bugged (I don’t think), and it does actually drop. However, it’s a rare drop and you need to get a lot of powered melee kills to get even one of them. Hopefully, that’s either addressed or adjusted soon, though I doubt either will happen.

That’s how to get and farm Perfect Tastes in The Dawning 2023. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, you can check out our D2 guides hub for articles on how to get Vex Milk, farm Enhancement Prisms, and more.

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