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The Complete List of All Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

Curious about what's available to drive in HWU2? We compiled a full list.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 has over 130+ different cars to choose from, including DLC content and pre-order packs. Here is the full list of every available vehicle in HWU2.

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The Complete List of All Cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

We’ll break down all the vehicles we’ve seen across their six types. They’re ordered by their content type (base game or DLC) and their rarity. Feel free to use the links below to go to a specific category.


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VehicleRarityContent Type
71’ El CaminoCommonBase Game
2018 Ford Mustang GTCommonBase Game
BasslineCommonBase Game
COPO CamaroCommonBase Game
HollowbackCommonBase Game
MaelstromCommonBase Game
RivitedCommonBase Game
RocketFireCommonBase Game
Rodger DodgerCommonBase Game
Solid MuscleCommonBase Game
Surf ‘N TurfCommonBase Game
‘32 FordRareBase Game
‘55 ChevyRareBase Game
Count MusculaRareBase Game
Hot WiredRareBase Game
K.I.T.T.RareBase Game
Rip RodRareBase Game
Bone ShakerLegendaryBase Game
Custom Volkswagen BeetleLegendaryBase Game
Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat WidebodyLegendaryBase Game
Custom VolkswagenSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Rodger DodgerSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Street CreeperSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Bone Shaker UnleashedSecretBase Game
Drift KingSecretBase Game
Mod RodLegendaryRust and Fast Pack
FusionBustaLegendaryRust and Fast Pack


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VehicleRarityContent Type
2010 Aston Martin DBSCommonBase Game
Car-de-AsadaCommonBase Game
El SuperfastoCommonBase Game
GT ScorcherCommonBase Game
Hot SeatCommonBase Game
Power ProCommonBase Game
Power RageCommonBase Game
RD-02CommonBase Game
Roadster BiteCommonBase Game
Seared TunerCommonBase Game
SuperchargedCommonBase Game
2020 Koenigsegg JeskoRareBase Game
Bully GoatRareBase Game
Dragon BlasterRareBase Game
El Segundo CoupeRareBase Game
ExotiqueRareBase Game
Golf GTIRareBase Game
SharkruiserRareBase Game
1971 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMGLegendaryBase Game
Power RocketLegendaryBase Game
Street WeinerLegendaryBase Game
16 AngelsSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Dragon BlasterSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Twin MillSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
442SecretBase Game
Cosmic CoupeSecretBase Game
La FastaSecretBase Game
TooliganSecretBase Game
Twin Mill Unleashed EditionLegendaryTwin Mill Unleashed Edition
Electro SilhouetteLegendarySpeed Kings Pack
RD-09LegendaryAcceleRacers All-Star Pack
SpecTyteLegendaryAcceleRacers All-Star Pack


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VehicleRarityContent Type
Aristo RatCommonBase Game
DAVancenatorCommonBase Game
BMW 3.0 CSL Race CarCommonBase Game
HW Prototype 12CommonBase Game
Jet Threat 3.0CommonBase Game
LB Super Silhouette Nissan Silvia S15CommonBase Game
M3 GT2CommonBase Game
Mattel Dream MobileCommonBase Game
Prototype H-24CommonBase Game
Way 2 FastCommonBase Game
Winning FormulaCommonBase Game
2016 Bugatti ChironRareBase Game
24 OursRareBase Game
Audi R8 SpyderRareBase Game
Bad to the BladeRareBase Game
Glory ChaserRareBase Game
MS-T SusukaRareBase Game
Sol-Aire CX4RareBase Game
Super BlitzenRareBase Game
Group C FantasyLegendaryBase Game
Veloci-RacerLegendaryBase Game
‘71 El CaminoSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Cyber SpeederSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Prototype H-24Super Treasure HuntBase Game
Fast FishSecretBase Game
F1 RacerLegendaryUnstoppables Pack
Impavido 1LegendarySpeed Kings Pack
CarbideLegendaryAcceleRacers All-Star Pack


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VehicleRarityContent Type
5 AlarmCommonBase Game
Bone ShakerCommonBase Game
Diesel DutyCommonBase Game
HW Demo DerbyCommonBase Game
InvaderCommonBase Game
Night BurnerCommonBase Game
Race AceCommonBase Game
Roller ToasterCommonBase Game
Tiger SharkCommonBase Game
Tricera-TruckCommonBase Game
Fast GassinRareBase Game
Hot Wheels HighRareBase Game
TanknatorRareBase Game
Volkswagen Drag BusRareBase Game
1956 Ford TruckLegendaryBase Game
Deora IILegendaryBase Game
TanknatorSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Dodge DeoraSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Dunk N’ RollSecretBase Game
Volkswagen Beach BombSecretBase Game


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VehicleRarityContent Type
ATVCommonBase Game
Mountain MaulerCommonBase Game
SandivoreCommonBase Game
Quad RodCommonBase Game
Power SanderRareBase Game
Sand StingerRareBase Game
Audi Sport QuattroLegendaryBase Game
BAJA Jump TruckLegendaryBase Game
BAJA Bone ShakerSecretBase Game
Speed BumpLegendaryJust a Scratch Pack
Sudden StopLegendaryJust a Scratch Pack
Sand BurnerLegendaryUnstoppables Pack
Rollin’ ThunderLegendaryAcceleRacers All-Star Pack


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VehicleRarityContent Type
14 Corvette Stingray ConvertibleCommonBase Game
Aston Martin 1963 DBSCommonBase Game
Bye Focal IICommonBase Game
Canyon CarverCommonBase Game
Classic PackardCommonBase Game
Ducati Desert X 2023CommonBase Game
Ducati Diavel 2016CommonBase Game
HW450FCommonBase Game
Nissan ZCommonBase Game
Splittin Image IICommonBase Game
Street StealthCommonBase Game
Time AttaxiCommonBase Game
BMW R nineT RacerRareBase Game
Honda S2000RareBase Game
SynkroRareBase Game
Back To The Future Time MachineLegendaryBase Game
Bad BaggerLegendaryBase Game
Ducati 1199 PanigaleLegendaryBase Game
Mini Cooper SLegendaryBase Game
Night ShifterLegendaryBase Game
SnoopyLegendaryBase Game
Fiat 500Super Treasure HuntBase Game
Blast LaneSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Bump AroundSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Ford Hot HeapSuper Treasure HuntBase Game
Cadillac Seville by GucciSecretBase Game
Street NozSecretBase Game

That’s all the cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2. We’ll update this when more content comes in the future, such as the Fast X Pack and AcceleRacers Expansion Pack. For other racing tips, including how to boost start, check out our HWU2 guides page.

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