The Evil Within 2 Union Security Card Guide

Can't figure out how to use the Union security card? Get ready to play some impromptu bingo to unlock the security doors in The Evil Within 2!

Can't figure out how to use the Union security card? Get ready to play some impromptu bingo to unlock the security doors in The Evil Within 2!

What’s a survival horror game without having to find key cards to let you into new areas filled with monstrous beasts and precious resources? The Evil Within 2 doesn’t buck that trend, but it does add in another layer of complexity.

The key card doesn’t just automatically unlock all doors in the horror town of Union. This isn’t a “blue card = blue doors” scenario. Instead, it acts as a guide to figuring out the codes for any doors with keypads. But exactly how to unscramble the codes is pretty up in the air the first time you have to use the card.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s sort of like playing an unexpected game of Suduko mashed with Bingo. Rather than trying a bunch of random codes until you throw your controller at the floor, we’ll show you exactly what to do with the first B-34 auto repair shop door that’s causing players the most trouble.

Using The Evil Within 2 Union Security Card

To grab the card, head over to the auto repair shop toward the north end of the Union map. If you haven’t been there yet, you will end heading to this building eventually as part of the Rogue Signal side quest.

Before you can access the underground area with the card and the locked door, first Sebastian needs to restore power by using the fuse box. Just hit the second and fourth switches to fill up the green lights and turn the power back on. An enemy will wander in at that point, so be prepared! If you stay hidden, you can get in a sneak attack before having to resort to normal combat.

With that out of the way, access the panel to operate the hydraulic lift and create an entrance to the basement underneath the vehicle. Head downstairs and wait for a memory to play, then crouch underneath the steel beam to find another area.

There you will see the B-34 door on the left wall, but you can’t actually go inside quite yet. Instead, check the side hallway and pick up the Union security card off the body near the dead end.

 Picking up the Union security card

Now we can tackle that locked B-34 door, but unfortunately, the security card doesn’t do anything except list a bunch of numbers and letters. It’s not a key, but rather a map to find the door code. Since we know the door number, we can unscramble the code by looking at it sort of like a Bingo card.

First check column B, then slide your finger down to row 3. Where they intersect on the grid is the number 96, so we know those are the first two digits of the door’s security code.

Now do the same thing with column B and slide down to row 4 (since the door number is 34). The B4 number is 76, so that’s the second set of digits for the security door. That means the full security key put together is 9676.

 Figuring out the 9767 code for door B-34

Input the code, wait for the pad to turn green, and you are good to go. Now you can use the security card in that same way to unlock any other doors marked like B-34 found anywhere else in Union.

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