The Finals Mouse Freezing Guide: How to Fix Stuttering and Disconnecting

Here's how to fix mouse freezing in The Finals, as well a stuttering and issues with disconnecting.

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Tons of people playing The Finals have reported various mouse freezing issues, including stuttering and even disconnecting. The bug also seems to sometimes affect other USB devices like keyboards, microphones, and webcams. But I’m here to tell you how to fix mouse freezing in The Finals.

How to Fix Mouse Freezing, Stuttering, and Disconnection Issues in The Finals

Change The Finals Launch Options

In some cases, problems with your mouse might be related to the fact that the game runs on DX12 by default. This can cause your mouse to stutter since the game seems to be bugged at the moment. I recommend trying to change the DX mode in the Steam Launch options to either DX11 or D3D11:

  • Launch Steam and go to your Library.
  • Locate The Finals and right-click.
  • Select Properties and go to the General tab.
  • Scroll down to Launch Options.
  • Type in “-dx11”, close the menu, and relaunch the game.
  • If that doesn’t work, also try the “-d3d11” input.

If neither option works, then we should return the Launch option to its default value before trying another fix by simply deleting our inputs from the textbox. Let’s move on.

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Change USB Ports

Another fix I’ve found useful is changing the USB port for your mouse. Sometimes, having your mouse in the USB 3.0 port won’t register for The Finals (I’ve also had this issue with other applications). Change it to another port like a USB 2.0 or vice versa. Try both options and see which one works for you.

If your keyboard is freezing, then I would recommend doing the same as with the mouse since I’ve experienced my USB devices like keyboards, microphones, and webcams randomly reconnecting. Furthermore, if by any chance you have a USB hub, try connecting your mouse or keyboard directly to your PC to fix the issue.

Change Mouse Driver Settings

If the USB port fix doesn’t work, then let’s try disabling your mouse’s Sensitivity Stages and reducing the Polling Rate. Users have specifically reported this freezing problem on their RAZER mouse. In these cases, go to your RAZER Synapse app or other driver mouse app you’re using and:

  • Locate the Devices options and go to the Performance.
  • Disable Razer Synapse/Sensitivity Stages and RGB Colors.
  • Set the Polling Rate to the lowest setting which is commonly 125Hz.

Apply your settings, relaunch The Finals, and see if the issue is fixed. It’s also possible that this works for other mice, as well, such as those made by Logitech and Corsair. If you’re still having issues, open up G Hub or iCUE.

That’s my guide on how to fix mouse freezing in The Finals. I hope at least one fix worked for you and if not, I hope Embark Studios can release a patch soon to resolve the issue. Check out more of our The Finals guides, like how to change crosshair settings or unlock guns fast.

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