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The Finals: The Best Way to Steal the Cashout

Stealing a Cashout in The Finals is incredibly satisfying, and you don't always need to be sneaky to do it.

Whether you’re playing Ranked or Quick Play, stealing a Cashout is by far the best way to win the Quick Cash mode. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for swiping a cashout, there are some best ways to make stealing it easier in The Finals.

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How to Steal a Cashout in The Finals

Stealing the cashout in a match of The Finals
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In my experience, there are three main ways to steal a cashout in The Finals:

I’ll discuss the basics of each below, but before you can even consider stealing, you need to know that at least one of your teammates has your back. You don’t need a full three-man squad of amazing players, but having a second teammate you can count on in the clutch is a huge bonus. If your whole team is only average, you’ll need to figure out how to complement each other.

Additionally, stealing the cashout is all about timing. Executing a steal at the beginning of the countdown might feel good, but I’ve watched things spiral out of control quickly if you go for the early play rather than one at 50% progress or later.

I always recommend going for the steal at no sooner than at 45-50% cashout progress. That’s not to say a 98% steal is impossible. Hell, I had it happen just before I started writing this article. However, if you make the swipe at the halfway mark, you have time to set up a position and hold it down.

Last, don’t rush blindly toward a steal, even if you think you can pull it off. Clear at least two enemy players and, if possible, get at least one team wipe. You want as much breathing room as possible. You can also use Goo grenades to give yourself some extra space and time.

The Three Best Ways to Steal a Cashout in The Finals

Stealing the cashout in a match of The Finals
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The three strategies I’m going to lay out attempt to bridge as many skill gaps as possible, offering the high-skill, average, and more casual players something they can do.

Wipe the Opposition

As its name suggests, wiping the opposition means dealing with all or most of the enemies and then stealing in relative comfort. Making use of this strategy requires not only a good shot but also good teamwork. I don’t recommend trying for a wipe steal if you’re playing solo without voice comms. If you’re playing alone and still want to try, take stock of your teammates first. If you run into someone like I did, who spawns in and starts shooting randomly at nothing, it’s probably not the best time to be roleplaying as Rambo.

A successful wipe steal usually starts from the outside of a cashout with your full squad around you. You can approach as a unit or from three different directions, but you’ll want at least one teammate with a Sonar Grenade to give everyone visibility on what’s coming. Don’t blow open any walls if you can help it. Clear every corner and put your shots on target, and when (almost) everyone is dead, head in for the steal.

Seal It Off

A blocked off cashout in a Finals match
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Sealing off a cashout steal is technically as self-explanatory as a wipe steal: you use all kinds of deployable cover, grenades, and the environment to hide that you’re stealing the cashout. Of course, the enemy team will know that’s what you’re doing, so like all steals, timing is key. When the opportunity presents itself, build a fort around the cashout, but don’t necessarily start the steal right away, especially if there are enemies about. Give it about 10 or 15 seconds for your team (or the other enemies) to clear out most of the opposition, then head in.

You can, of course, use the chaos in the midst of battle as a smokescreen of its own. If you’re quick about it, build a smaller fort on your own as the gunfight happens around you, then go for the steal when things are at their hottest. This maneuver carries significantly more risk but is also much more satisfying to pull off.

Drop It Down

The environments in The Finals are more destructible than almost any other game on the market. Floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows — you name it, you can probably blow it up. The drop-it-down steal strategy is a bit more situational than the others, as the cashout needs to be in a position where you can actually take out the floor beneath it.

However, if you go into the objective building and put explosives not only on the floor with the cashout but also any beneath it, you can bring the thing all the way to the first floor. You might even cover it in debris, giving you some cover for the steal.

Dropping the cashout does mean it’s technically easier to get to for everyone on the map, but if you time things correctly, you should be golden. You can also apply the other two strategies for stealing the cashout back should your enemies get the better of you.

That covers the best ways to steal a Cashout in The Finals. For more coverage on The Finals (and there’s plenty coming), check out our guides on crossplay for the game, how to unlock weapons fast, and more in our The Finals guides hub.

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