Looking for a piece of good gear? Here are five of the best armor sets in Wasteland 3.

The Five Best Wasteland 3 Armor Sets

Looking for a piece of good gear? Here are five of the best armor sets in Wasteland 3.

Like many RPGs, most armor sets in Wasteland 3 require you have reached a certain Strength threshold in order to wear them. In this guide to Wasteland 3‘s best armor, three sets can be obtained rather early in the game; with two being special endgame sets.

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Let’s take a look at which are Wasteland 3‘s best armor sets, so you can plan ahead and build your party optimally.

Chemtek Armor Set

  • Armor: +32
  • Healing Bonus: +50.0%
  • Resistance to poisoned: +20%

This robot-like armor set is designed to support players not only in terms of health, but also AP management. It has a special ability Combat Stim, which adds 2 extra AP and 15% hit chance for six turns.

Chemtek Helmet Location

The headgear from the Chemtek set can be found inside the Dentist’s office at the Bizarre Exterior.

Chemtek Chest Location

During the Zealot or Reagan Reborn missions you’ll be visiting the Denver Ruins locations. Find an NPC named Sister Nancy Force, who will be able to sell this item to you.

Chemtek Legs Location

The legwear can be found inside a chest at the Santa’s Workshop, which also contains Santa’s Outfit and Elf’s Outfit.

Exoskeleton Armor Set

  • Armor: +53
  • Melee Damage Bonus: +50%

Here is the best armor for melee build, which adds a significant bonus to all your melee damage, and has a special Earthquake ability, which applies Stunned status effect on all affected enemies.

Exoskeleton Helmet Location

You can get this headgear for free at the Abandoned Oil Well, if you attack any of the Juvie NPCs. This will trigger a cutscene after which you will be rewarded with the helmet and another extra item.

Exoskeleton Chest Location

This will not be easy as you need to kill The Patriarch of Colorado himself. But if you manage, then you will be rewarded with this excellent chest armor.

Exoskeleton Legs Location

During the Disappeared quest you’ll be heading to the Paint Mines. You’ll find the legwear in a pile of garbage at the very end of the mines.

Power Armor Set

  • Armor: +45
  • Healing Bonus: +50.0%

Power armor is similar to Chemtek armor but without the resistance to poison. Instead it has a significantly higher physical armor stat with a similar healing bonus.

However, there is one drawback: it automatically gives you -10 Evasion. But this can be compensated, if you have Level 8 Strength or higher.

Power Helmet Location

At the Department of Energy Site you will be able to locate a garage with several lockers inside. The helmet can be acquired from one of these lockers.

Power Chest Location

You can purchase the Power chest armor from the Merchant available at the Ranger HQ.

Power Legs Location

At the same location at Ranger HQ go to Mad Bay and open a weapon crate. The Power legs will be inside the crate.

Spectrum Assault Armor Set

  • Armor: +25
  • Detection Time: +0.5s
  • Initiative: +10
  • Crit Chance: +12
  • Combat Speed: +0.3

Players who run Assault Rifle builds will be overjoyed with the acquisition of one of the best armor sets in the game – Spectrum Assault.

Since it has no Strength requirement, you can use it on various kinds of non-Strength builds with different attributes.

Spectrum Assault Armor Set Location

The entire armor set can be either randomly found inside crates or by completing the two missions given by the NPC named Aspen at the endgame: The Psychopath and Raising a Little Hell. You also need to make Vic Buchanan your companion.

After that you can purchase the Spectrum Assault armor set from the Merchant at Ranger HQ for the following prices:

  • Spectrum Assault Helmet: $600
  • Spectrum Assault Chest: $800
  • Spectrum Assault Legs: $600

Verchitin Armor Set

  • Armor: +66
  • Energy Damage Resistance: +25%
  • Heat Damage Resistance: +25%
  • Cold Damage Resistance: +25%

This alien armor set is the best armor set in Wasteland 3 due to its versatile types of resistances and the highest armor stat amongst all other armor sets in the game.

Verchitin Armor Set Location

In order to locate the Verchitin armor set you need to assemble the Golden Toaster, which consists of five toaster parts:

  • Broadmoor Heights Wesson Toaster
  • Hoon Homestead Toaster
  • Manor of the Hun Family Toaster
  • Paint Mines Toaster
  • Knox Family’s Bison Farm Toaster

When you have all five parts assembled, you will be rewarded with a new map location, which will lead you to the west of Yuma. In the southeastern part of the area you will come across a shrine with three crates. Each crate will contain one piece of the Verchitin armor set.

That’s it on the best armor guide for Wasteland 3, and if you are looking for the best weapons, then check out this guide. For other Wasteland 3 guides, please visit out hub page.

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