Wasteland 3 Best Weapons Tier List

Pick up the best weapon for your character build using this tier list guide for Wasteland 3.

There is a huge selection of weapons in Wasteland 3 for all types of combat styles. However, the best weapons are hidden at special locations throughout the world. You don't want to miss them because they are highly effective against multiple enemy types.

This best weapons tier list guide will show you where to find these must-have weapons, as well as what you'll need to do to unlock them. We've also included the stats for each of the weapons. 

S-Tier Weapons

Atom Smasher

  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage: 52-64
  • Magazine: 20
  • Range: 15

Energy weapons are the most powerful weapons in Wasteland 3. Atom Smasher is an assault rifle that uses energy cells that strike with 99% penetration and 25% critical hit chance.

A critical hit with this weapon equals 2.4x the gun's base damage, which is enough to one-shot almost any enemy. Of course, you have to be precise to score a crit, so be sure to invest most of your attribute points into Coordination if you're going after this weapon.

How to Get the Atom Smasher

The Atom Smasher can be found at the Goldfisher Windfarm, which is located east of the Goldfisher Shrine. You can also purchase it from The Mechanic at Tuma County Speedway for $2,700.

Ray Tracer

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Damage: 247-360
  • Magazine: 1
  • Range: 30

Imagine that all the power of the Atom Smasher is condensed into a single bullet. Add a scope and double the range, and you have the Ray Tracer, the best energy sniper rifle in Wasteland 3

It has tremendous stopping power, but it has a very small magazine, which you'll need to keep in mind during each encounter.

How to Get the Ray Tracer

The Ray Tracer can only be accessed during the end-game. You will be able to purchase it at Ranger HQ when you reach Inspector Delgado. He will sell you the Ray Tracer for $2,800.

A-Tier Weapons

Flamesaw Cannon

  • Type: Heavy Machine Gun
  • Damage: 349-485
  • Magazine: 4
  • Range: 15

Flamesaw Cannon isn't just one of the strongest weapons in the game, it is also one of the strangest guns you can snag for your inventory of death-dealers. It uses a very rare sawblade ammo that hits enemies like a truck. Accordingly, sawblade ammo is hard to come by. 

How to Get the Flamesaw Cannon

To get the Flamesaw Cannon, you need to reach the Gang Compund located at the Yuma County Speedway. Enter the room and check both weapon crates and it should be in one of them.

Nitro Thrower

  • Type: Flamethrower
  • Damage: 35-51
  • Magazine: 2
  • Range: 10.5

Nitro Thrower is kind of like a flamethrower but instead of shooting fire flames, it shoots cold chemical vapors, which is even more effective for certain enemy types.

As with the flamethrower, you'll need to get closer to your enemies than with the rest of the game's ranged weapons, so be sure to put attribute points into Strength, and equip some good armor.

How to Get the Nitro Thrower

You can find the Nitro Thrower at the Clown Museum Gallery. Enter the building and go to the south-east for a room with a weapon crate that contains the Nitro Thrower.

B-Tier Weapons

Dorsey Family Sword

  • Type: Bladed Weapon
  • Damage: 75-103
  • Weapon AP: 3

Melee weapons may not be everybody's cup of tea, but blades like the Dorsey Family Sword can be a serious threat in the hands of a properly built melee character. The base damage for this weapon is high enough to inflict bleeding damage, and the critical hit equals 3.2x with a 25% chance.

How to Get the Dorsey Family Sword

You can find the Dorsey Family Sword on a corpse lying inside the northern cabin at the Snowed Inn Resort.

Patriarch's Prototype Hammer

  • Type: Blunt Weapon
  • Damage: 95-116
  • Weapon AP: 4

If your melee build is focused mostly on blunt weapons rather than blades, then there is no better choice than the Patriarch's Prototype Hammer.

This lump of heavy metal has a special Reckless Attack ability, which gives you an extra 25% damage on all targets. You don't need any special skills to get it, as the weapon is a self-sufficient damage bonus holder.

How to Get the Patriarch's Prototype Hammer

You can find this weapon outside the Little Hell Vault at the Patriarch's Palace. Just walk up all the time by your right side until you enter a room with a weapon crate that holds the hammer.

Fusion Launcher

  • Type: Rocket Launcher
  • Damage: 179-267
  • Magazine: 1
  • Range: 18

This rocket launcher uses a special projectile that doesn't simply hit a single target but continues to ricochet and maneuver around enemies dealing damage like an AoE attack.

How to Get the Fusion Launcher

If you like explosive weapons, then search for Fusion Launcher at the Company Store located in the Scar Collector Mine. You will find a safe in the upper room, which requires Level 10 Lockpicking skill.

These are the best weapons in Wasteland 3, and if you are looking for the best character build, then check out this guide. For more Wasteland 3 guides, be sure to visit our hub page with other tips, tricks, and strategies, such as how to solve the limerick puzzle and how to heal yourself and your companions. 


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Published Sep. 15th 2020

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