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The Front: How to Get Plant Mucus

Find out where to get Plant Mucus in The Front to make all the tires you could ever want.

You’ll need Plant Mucus for various crafting recipes in The Front. It’s a crucial component of Tape, which is essential for many other recipes. However, finding the ingredients can be a bit of a task. Find out how to get Plant Mucus in our guide here.

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How to Get Plant Mucus in The Front

Plant Mucus is one of the many viable resources in The Front. You’ll need it for your initial Wood armor set, tools, pouches, and more. I’m always on the lookout for it because it’s an essential but hard-to-find material. So, how do you get Plant Mucus? There are two ways to get Plant Mucus:

  • Bushes
    • RNG based, so Plant Mucus is not guaranteed.
    • Large bushes found throughout the map
    • Approach and press F to harvest.
  • Small Plants
    • Plant Mucus is guaranteed.
    • Ferns, Dandelions, etc.
    • Approach and press F to harvest.

I have the best luck finding Plant Mucus throughout the green region of the map. You’ll have a difficult time getting any in the Desert, or Snow region. I recommend you stockpile the ingredient because it can be a bit tedious having to go searching for it.

You can use Plant Mucus from your crafting inventory (tab), or at a Crafting Table for more complex recipes. As you advance, you’ll require more of it to fulfill advanced recipes such as vehicles. For example, Plant Mucus can be turned into Rubber for tires. Each Rubber requires two Plant Mucus, and you’ll need eight Rubber for your first vehicle. Suffice it to say, keep plenty of it on hand.

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to get Plant Mucus in The Front. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our The Front guides hub here.

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