The Gamer Gift Guide: Deck Your Desk With Gear Aplenty

The perfect holiday gifts for your favorite gamer. And yes that can be yourself as well!

I find myself wishing I had more gamer swag adorning my gaming, command station desk. The computer has 200GB of games on it and four monitors, but no gamer swag to back it up! It needs some spicing up and I think some gamer desk swag is exactly what it needs. Spoiler, Illidan will be coming to live on my desk soon.

Check out my list of favorite gamer desk decorating goodies.

I know I'm not the only one who is terrible at finding gifts for everyone on the holidays. For my parents I'll end up getting coffee mugs or something. For my brother a game maybe. Nothing special and it's usually very last minute. I made an effort this year to change that.

The main effort I've made is just keeping my eyes open constantly for ideas and actually recording them or buying them when I see it. That way I'm not just putting this off more.

One day in the Skype chat we have for GameSkinny contributors, one of my friends Gary linked a picture of a few of these guys.

Holding a Pop! Daenerys Targaryen. (Buy her here)

I knew immediately what to get my girl friend for Christmas. She is going to freak out when she sees it. She is obsessed with Game of Thrones, as well as a handful of other series. Which brings me to the best part about these Pop figurines. They have EVERYTHING. Think of a popular show, movie, or video game. Yup they have it. I figured this out after searching the internet for these figurines. I finally figured out the best search term for Amazon to see the entire selection. If you search "funko pop action figures" in Amazon, you will quickly see the endless selection I mention.

I want to just start with the two I will be buying for myself (could always use more gaming swag for my gaming desk)! Anyone who knows me will have probably guessed by now.

Illidan and Arthas

You can find Illidan here and Arthas here. You can also get a Tyreal and Diablo Figure

I got very excited when I saw these and they will end up on my desk. Now if Warcraft or any other Blizzard Universe games aren't your thing then don't worry, I was really serious when I say they have everything. I'm going to list out just some of the ones I think gamers will find most appealing.

I don't really feel the need to continue. You can search Amazon for Funko Pop Action Figures and see the selection. You can also go straight to Funko's website to see the entire line of action figures. I don't really suggest it though, because they don't sell the products on their site and it's a slower interface than Amazon. Expect to pay around $10 for one of the figurines. I also saw some of them for sale at a Barnes & Nobel for $10 as well. The selection is just much more limited there.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something cheap and easy as a small gift for a special gamer in your life, you can't go wrong here.

Want more desk swag? This and the following slides are some of my other favorite ideas.

How about a Tetris LED Desk LampThis would be perfect for any retro gamer out there who needs some desk lighting. This light isn't exactly a budget way to go for lighting, going for $39.99, but if you have the extra cash, why not!

R2D2 Trashcan?! Yes please. I actually really need a trashcan for my desk right now and this is looking more and more likely of a purchase for me. There's one problem, it's $129.99. I don't believe I've seen a more expensive trashcan and I think that is what will keep me from buying it. I do know that there are some YOLOers out there who would love it, so YOLO it up.


Light-Up Redstone Ore from Minecraft. A little bit of red stone lighting on my desk is just what I need! 

There's also a Light-Up Torch... Which I'm sure you've all already seen.

The Redstone Ore is $17.99 and the Torch is running for $22.49.

If Claptrap didn't annoy you successfully in Borderlands, then give him a try on your desk! If he doesn't get to you then, it's clearly love. Love for $19.99 is a great deal too!

The winner from all of the nerdy desk goodies is definitely this guy, the great Bender. This particular Bender figurine even says some of the his memorable lines. I'll never go Benderless again! "It'd wide-mouth too!" I mean, It's only $24.99! (If you didn't get the reference, it's because you haven't watched as much Futurama as me. For that, I'm sorry.)

So goodbye losers whom I've always hated, bite my shiny ass, and have a Happy Holiday!