The Sims 4 – Beginner Traits

Traits help define a player's Sim.

People have their quirks, their merits, and even their flaws. Sims are no different from real people as EA has given Sim characters lots of traits to choose from in The Sims 4. Some of the traits are great while others are not so great, but that depends on the type of Sim a player is intending on creating.

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Unlike beginner aspirations, beginner traits are not limited to any age Sim to be taken. The only limitations that traits have is how many a Sim gets based on their age range. Those limitations are:

  • Child Sims = 1 Trait
  • Teen Sims = 2 Traits
  • Young Adults, Adults, and Elders = 3 Traits

Traits are broken up into four categories: emotional, hobby, lifestyle, and social. Sims get boosts from traits they choose as well as some new actions.

Emotional Traits

The Sims 4 is all about human emotion, so there are several emotional traits available to choose from.

Trait Emotions/Moodlets Extra Actions
  Energized, may become upset with lack of exercise Pump Up other Sims
  Tend to be happier than other Sims  
  Inspired, may become upset with lack of creative activity Share Creative Ideas with other Sims
  Focused, may become upset if they don’t work on their mental skills Share Ideas with other Sims
  Sad, gains boost to Creative skill while Sad Share Melancholy Thoughts to other Sims
  Tend to be playful  
  Becomes Angry when targeted with Mischief Rile Up other Sims
  Flirty, may become Sad with lack of romantic interactions.  
  Tend to be Confident  


Hobby Traits

Hobbies are extremely helpful for keeping Sims busy and on task with their overall goals or Aspirations.

Trait Emotions/Moodlets Extra Actions
  Gain powerful Moodlets from Viewing Art Admire Art and Discuss Art
  Gain powerful Moodlets from Reading Books Analyze Books and Discuss Books
  Happy and Fun when eating good food, Uncomfortable when eating bad food Watch Cooking Shows
  Happy reading Sci Fi or Playing Video Games, Tense if they haven’t played much, better at finding Collectibles Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims
  Boosts Fun Need when Listening to Music, Happy when Playing Instruments  
  Longer to create items but more likely to be higher quality, Powerful moodlets after creating high quality items, gain negative moodlets after crafting low quality items  


Lifestyle Traits

These Sims enjoy having some fun (or terrible if they swing that way) things to do in their lives. Here are the Lifestyle traits available:

Trait Emotions/Moodlets Extra Actions
  Powerful moodlets from career success, negative moodlets from career failures, may become Upset if not promoted  
  Powerful moodlets from Watching the Kids Network, Playful when playing with children, Happy when playing with children  
  Tend to fail more at physical activities but tend to laugh at them instead of becoming Upset  
  Greater negative reaction to Hunger, enjoys eating no matter the quality Eat Spoiled Food, Rummage for Food in trash
  Has unpredictable emotions Talk to Themselves
  Powerful moodlets from Watching TV or Napping, Fatigued quicker from exercise, Tense when performing household chores.  
  Happy when outdoors Enthuse about Nature to other Sims
  Sad when they haven’t purchased a new item in a period of time Admire and Brag about possessions
  Happy and have Fun when doing household chores, Uncomfortable in dirty surroundings Cleaing Frenzy
  Not affected by dirty surroundings, make household items dirtier faster.  
  Bores with “low brow” television, Confidence around other Snob Sims Critique Work on low quality items


Social Traits

A large part of life for most Sims is their social (or lack there of) activities. Some love to surround themselves with people while others prefer to stay solitary and lonesome.

Trait Emotions/Moodlets Extra Actions
  Confident around other Bros, Energized from Watching Sports Bro Hug other Bros
  Happy around Sims with negative moodlets, Angry when interacting with Good Sims Laugh Maniacally, Discuss Evil Plans
  Happy around family, Sad if they don’t interact with family for period of time Boast about Family
  Happy around Sims with positive moodlets, Sad when interacting with Evil Sims Donate to Charity, Discuss World Peace
  Angry around children, Tense after Try for a Baby, can be Mean to Children  
  Happy when alone, do not receive negative moodlets when Social Need is low, Tense around strangers, Embarassed more easily by social rejection  
  Happy when being Mean or Mischievous, Confidant after winning a fight  
  Tense being in the same job or relationship too long, Happy when quitting a job or breaking off a relationship, take longer to Propose Discuss Fear of Committment
  Powerful moodlets from friendly socialization, Social Need decays faster, more negative moodlets when Social Need is low  


As the Sims age and grow in their lives, they earn inspiration points by completing tasks while in moodlets that allow extra traits to be purchased through the game.

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