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The Talos Principle 2: Grasslands Ring Entanglement Puzzle Solution

It's not easy to defy gravity in the last puzzle of Grasslands Ring. Here's how to solve Entanglement in The Talos Principle 2.

The eighth puzzle of Grasslands Ring has a seemingly impossible solution that sees you combining multiple light beams and defying gravity. But don’t spend your Prometheus Sparks yet, as this guide covers the Entanglement puzzle solution in The Talos Principle 2

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How to Solve Entanglement in The Talos Principle 2

The first thought I had after entering this level was one word: barriers. There are three, not including the fourth and final barrier blocking the progress console at the end. I swiftly discovered that the level design also plays with tough angles, placing metal grates in front of the final green circular receiver, which prevented my solutions repeatedly. But, though it might not seem like it at first, there’s a solution.

Get the Hexahedron

Start with the Connector at the entrance. Place it on the pressure plate straight ahead, opening the room with the RGB Converter. Similar to the fifth puzzle, Through the Door, you’ll replace the Connector with the RGB Converter.

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Take the Connector and link it to the red light source nearby, as well as the RGB Converter. Then, place it on the pressure plate located in front of the red light source. With that set, you’ll head back to the RGB Converter, linking it to the blue light and the green receiver nearby. 

At this point, don’t worry if barriers come back when you’re picking up any of the tools. All the connections will work once you set them back down on the pressure plates.

Preselect Light Connections

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Now, you can take the Hexahedron. Place it on the fan in the room on the right. It won’t do anything just yet, as we still need to set up a few light beams first. However, for these next steps, it’s important to note that you must keep your connections on the RGB Converter. Severing the links can undo your progress. Here are all the light sources and receivers to link:

  • Replace the RGB Converter with the Connector on the pressure plate.
  • Take the RGB Converter and link it with the final green receiver and the red light source. 
  • Head to the room with the fan and link it to the green receiver there, too. 
  • With all connections established, set it on the Hexahedron. 
  • Flip the switch to the fan. 
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Like before, nothing will happen yet. And this will look a little strange with black lines, but it’s a work in progress.

Defy Gravity

Now, you’ll place the Connector back on the pressure plate in front of the red light source. Be sure to keep your connections, too. Stand on the remaining pressure plate. 

The Hexahedron will lift into the air with all the light beams following. Thankfully, it’ll stay in the air even when you leave the pressure plate. So, go back over to the Connector once again, but this time, pick it up and remove its links

With a fresh slate, connect it to the floating RGB Converter and the final green receiver. Set it down at an angle with a clear path to both, and a green beam will open the last barrier.

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Sometimes, I wonder how Croteam went about choosing names for these puzzles, but this one is self-explanatory. It truly is an “entanglement” of light beams pushed through a single tool. And the end result is so visually impressive, which only furthered my excitement for the puzzles other hubs had to offer. 

That covers how to solve Entanglement in The Talos Principle 2. If you’ve enjoyed the Grasslands Ring, just wait until you reach the Wooded Plateau, the Eastern Wetlands, and more. There are plenty of headscratchers to come. For more tips and tricks, take a look at our growing TTP2 guides hub.

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