The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Respec

Respec for a different outcome in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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With multiplayer action as intense as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, even a difference in skill selection can make or break your match performance. While some skills may at first seem beneficial to surviving or hunting down victims, they may not work with your playstyle for any number of reasons. Luckily, Sumo Nottingham’s asymmetrical horror title features a generous system that lets you reallocate points. Here’s how to respec in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Respec in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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To respec in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, go either to each character’s specific ability tree or their more expansive skill tree. On either screen, you can respec with the following button prompts:

  • “Y” button on an Xbox controller
  • Triangle on a PlayStation controller
  • “R” key on mouse and keyboard

You can respec in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at any time without penalty. Resetting a character’s skill tree returns all skill points that have been invested with no extra catch. These can then be used to explore different branches of the same character’s ability set or dumped into an entirely different character altogether.

Respeccing the Ability Tree

Things work slightly differently with the character-specific ability tree, which doesn’t require skill points. You simply select which bonus you want added to your ability. The ability level and bonus selection in the previous tier determines which bonuses can be applied to the following level. Because you only have three tiers and nine total bonuses to select from, you can easily respec character abilties between matches. In fact, it’s even encouraged to do so, thanks to how differently matches can shake out.

That’s how you to respec in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This should make it easier to find a progression path that works for your playstyle. If you crave a deeper explanation of the leveling system, we have a guide that explains how the leveling system works. If you want to learn about how the game’s crossplay works, check out our cross-platform multiplayer guide.

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