The Top 11 Minecraft Beach Seeds for Minecraft 1.12

Whether you're going to build a beachfront fortress or just dip your toes in the water, we've got the best Minecraft beach seeds for cooling off this summer.

It's the middle of June, also known as dads and grads season. Nothing celebrates this time of year more than heading to the beach in Minecraft, where you'll never see any of these people. Who needs to go to parties or family gatherings when you can party with friends online and gather ore?

Whether you want it in a swamp, desert, or taiga, we've got the perfect Minecraft beach seed for you. Now craft yourself a bonfire and celebrate in style!

Spawn in an oak forest with a few birch trees

Seed: 666numberofthebeach
Biomes: Forest, Desert, Savanna

Our first destination on our trip to find the best Minecraft beach seeds starts you off in an oak forest. However, if you head to the savanna village at -297, 161, you'll find villagers looking to trade wool for emeralds. If your character's getting hungry, harvest some carrots and beets. After your snack, look for the blacksmith chest and you'll find:

  • 3 breads
  • 3 iron ingots
  • 2 iron pickaxes
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 saddle

If you're looking for some animal friends, you'll find llamas, cows, and chickens at 822, -1.

Last, but certainly not least, you will find the perfect beach spot at 416, 654. It's in the desert, and it has a nice little lake attached to the ocean for your enjoyment.

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Spawn in a tall spruce tree forest

Seed: glassbeach
Biomes: Desert, Tall Spruce Tree Forest, Roofed Forest, Plains, Savanna

One of the best locations to hit first in this Minecraft beach seed is located at 1159, 785. There you will find a donkey near a beach between plains and a roofed forest. Not only that, if you explore a nearby ravine, you'll find tons of coal and a little bit of iron.

The first village you should head to is perfect for setting up a beach house as your base. It's located at 1332, 856 and has cows and pigs aplenty. If you trade with the right villager, you can even get an enchanted book.

The second village you'll visit is at 1525668. Here you can get leather pants and iron helmets from the villagers as well as find more donkeys.

If you're the kind of person who likes sick amounts of loot, you'll appreciate the desert temple located at 16571125. If you enter the treasure room safely, you'll find:

  • 24 bones
  • 5 strings
  • 2 diamonds
  • 2 iron horse armors
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 iron ingot

Spawn in plains near a forest

Seed: lifeisabeach
Biomes: Plains, Forest, Extreme Hills, Swamp, Flower Forest

If you want to get a head start on setting up your beach house on this animal-heavy Minecraft beach seed, you'll want to head straight to -259, 556 for a wonderful swamp to set up at. There you'll find chickens and sheep.

The picture above is perfect for setting up a farm and is located at -398, 418. After you do that, you can head to -484, 304 for lots of horses, sheep, and cows. Next, hit up the flower forest at -812, -1194 for some wool from the sheep you'll find there.

If you haven't had your fill of animals yet, you can get the queen of all Minecraft beasts, the llama, at -1682, -614.

Spawn in plains near some chickens

Seed: venicebeach
Biomes: Plains, Taiga, Tundra, Spruce Forest, Roofed Forest, Jungle, Oak Forest, Flower Forest

Before setting up your base for this Minecraft beach seed, you'll want to see the wolves in the beautiful flower forest at 1034, -145. After finding your new best friends, you'll head to the roofed forest for some sheep at -41, -382.

You can mine for gold ore in a jungle ravine at -171, 1682. If you look around, you'll also find iron ore and coal. Finally, you can set up your new home at a jungle beach at -186, 1671. 

Spawn in a blacksmith village

Seed: CLW
Biomes: Plains, Tall Spruce Forest, Desert

This is probably the most convenient Minecraft beach seed so far, courtesy of gravelghost, because you spawn in a blacksmith village where you will find:

  • 9 iron ingots
  • 7 obsidian
  • 2 gold ingots
  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 iron helmet

You'll also find a family of horses on the plains in front of the village. Next, visit the flock of sheep at 2321, 847.

You'll find another village at 3914, 1149 on a river where you can make your home. There will be another blacksmith chest for you to loot where you'll find:

  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 iron ingot
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 1 gold ingot
  • 3 diamonds

Up next is everyone's dangerous favorite: the desert temple. Located at 3816, 1259, you'll find:

  • 18 bones
  • 26 rotten flesh
  • 5 gold ingots
  • 3 spider eyes
  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 1 iron ingot
  • 2 enchanted books

Spawn in an oak forest

Seed: 567blart
Biomes: Savanna, Plains, Oak Forest, Desert

Head to -284, 224 in this Minecraft beach seed for an immediate place to set up shop as well as some pumpkins and squids. Next, you'll want to hit up the desert for cacti at -463, 403.

If you're looking for a mount, you'll find horses as well as pigs and cows for food at -382, 503. After that, you can find a desert village near a hole in the ground with iron at -287, 810. 

Spawn in a savanna

Seed: letsgoswimmin111
Biomes: Savanna, Roofed Forest, Mesa, Plains

While this Minecraft beach seed isn't nearly as loaded with items, villages, and temples as the other ones are, it does have a wonderful mesa biome for you to build your base at at 571, -158 on the beach. You'll also find plenty of cacti near there.

Afterwards, if you're in need of food or leather, you'll find pigs and cows at -121, 104. 

Spawn in a roofed forest with multiple tree varieties and big mushrooms

Seed: sandie
Biomes: Extreme Hills, Plains, Roofed Forest, Tall Spruce Forest, Tundra, Ice Plains Spikes

This is another Minecraft beach seed that is heavy on animals. You'll first find 4 pigs at 423, 409. If they aren't enough to satisfy your bacon craving, you can find 4 more pigs, 4 sheep, and 8 cows at -1353, 715. 

After that, if you head to the tall spruce forest village at -924, 1087, you'll find a blacksmith chest with:

  • 3 iron ingots
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 1 apple
  • 2 breads
  • 4 oak saplings

Another village is located at -914, 685 and it contains a chest that has:

  • 3 iron ingots
  • 10 oak saplings
  • 1 iron horse armor

To beat the heat, head to the ice plains spikes and set up a frozen beach house at -747, 1440. 

Spawn in a roofed forest

Biomes: Mesa, Tundra, Desert, Roofed Forest, Flower Forest

The picture above is my favorite destination of all simply because it's the Minecraft equivalent of Neapolitan ice cream: it's part mesa, part tundra, and part desert. This spot is located at -1250, 1853.

Originally discovered by actfirstgaming, this is another one of those super convenient Minecraft beach seeds because it has a mansion located at 3224, 3080 as well as a plains village at 3340, 2690.

Not terribly far from the locations above, you'll find a desert temple at 3115, 2730. Inside the chests, you'll find a saddle, iron horse armor, and gold horse armor.

Spawn in plains near a roofed forest with chickens and pigs

Seed: guineapigparty
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest, Tall Spruce Forest, Desert

If you're looking for coal, sheep, or pigs, you'll find them in abundance at -19, 568. You'll find a family of llamas at 2769, -292. Then to finish off your new collection of animals or, if you murdered them, animal parts, you can head to the plains located at 474, 1296 for a herd of cows and some iron ore.

There are two villages in this Minecraft beach seed. The first one is located in a tall spruce forest at 3596, -677. It has a chest with:

  • 4 obsidian
  • 6 iron ingots
  • 4 apples
  • 1 iron helmet

You will find another chest in the second village located at 3883, -413. Inside, you will find:

  • 6 breads
  • 3 iron leggings
  • 2 apples
  • 1 saddle

Don't forget to set up your new beach house at the desert inlet pictured above. You'll find it by going to 4397, -1150.

Spawn in a tall spruce tree forest

Seed: hiddenbeach
Biomes: Tall Spruce Forest, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Plains, Desert

Our final stop on our Minecraft beach seed getaway features a waterfall and "lavafall" within walking distance of each other. 

If you head to the snow-y extreme hills section at -877, 106, 3751, you will find a ton of coal near some llamas and pigs. The picture above should be within sight by the time you climb up there.

After checking out the sights, set up camp at the coordinates -1694, 4138. There you'll find a beachside village with a chest that has:

  • 5 breads
  • 2 iron leggings
  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 3 red apples

Share your own favorite Minecraft 1.12 beach seeds in the comments section below!