The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith How to Save Prince Lawrence

Need to know how to save Prince Lawrence? Here is a quick, step by step guide.

Need to know how to save Prince Lawrence? Here is a quick, step by step guide.
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This guide follows right behind the Business Office Walkthrough

If you’ve made your way through the game once, or even if you have not, you might noticed that Prince Lawrence’s hangs in the balance. There seems to be only one way to save the Prince. 

The Prince has been moved to grief. Not by the death of his wife, a situation he is not yet aware of, but because of his failures to his wife, Faith. Because of this, he has attempted suicide. 

After the Business Office, you’ll need to select between Toad and Prince Lawrence. To save Prince Lawrence, you’ll need to go to him first. 

When you arrive at the apartment, you won’t be able to enter through the main door. The way is locked, and Lawrence is not answering. However, to the right and around the corner is a side window that you can enter. This is the best way to enter the home. 

When you arrive, it will appear that all is lost. Prince Lawrence is laying on a chair, very clearly dead. However, the Fables do not die easily, as you will soon find out. 

While you’re here, you’ll need to look at the body. 

Examine the pills and options on the body, including the wrist and bullet wound. There is a casing on the floor and a gun. Take the gun, and back out. Behind Lawrence there is a bullet in the wall. You’ll want to look at and take that as well. 

Next you’ll want to check the blood stain and knife on the floor. Clearly Prince Lawrence was an unhappy man. While you’re on the floor, you’ll get a clear view of the door. 

When you pull on the door, you’ll find that it is actually a bed, and that it fills in the rest of the uneven blood pattern on the floor. There is a note on the lower left hand corner that makes it clear Lawrence’s motivation. When you read the note, you’ll discover that Lawrence is not quite dead. 

Now is your chance to talk to Lawrence. 

Here you’ll have the chance to tell the truth, life, tell a half-lie or silence. If you tell him that his wife is dead, he’ll attempt to kill himself. You’ll still be able to save him, as long as you jump out before he takes the gun to his head. It’s preferable to half-lie in this situation. 

“I couldn’t live with myself. Knowing that I had done that to her.” 

If you half-lie, you’ll tell Prince Lawrence that his wife is missing. He’ll reveal to you a name — Georgie. However, it’s not one that you recognize. While you’re talking to Lawrence, there will be a sound outside. Someone is trying to break into the apartment. 

Bigby will ask Lawrence to play dead. Lawrence will ask for the gun. If Lawrence is not aware of his wifes death, he’ll simply threaten the intruder with it later on (if there is time.) However, if he is aware of Faith’s demise, he’ll attempt to take his own life at this point. 

The intruder, a large man with a nefarious hat, will start searching the apartment while Bigby and Snow White hide in the closet. You can choose when to jump out at the intruder, but it’s probably a good idea to wait and see what he’s come to find. 

Once you jump out, he’ll make a run for the back door and you’ll have to follow. If you’ve successfully saved Prince Lawrence, you’ll be notified at the end of the episode. 

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