Need help finding the truth in The X-Files: Deep State? Here are some tricks that might give you the edge you need!

The X-Files: Deep State Tips and Tricks

Need help finding the truth in The X-Files: Deep State? Here are some tricks that might give you the edge you need!
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Creative Mobile’s The X-Files: Deep State places you in the shoes of a rookie detective, where it’s up to you to find the truth — and the objects hidden in the crime scenes you’ll be investigating.

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Deep State offers the same fundamental gameplay that you’ll find in most other hidden object games, but there are a few twists that keep the game fresh and exciting, like unique gameplay mechanics and a story that changes based on the player’s choices.

Investigation Strategy

You’ll want to perform a thorough examination of every crime scene before you start pawing around for evidence in order to maximize the points you earn.

Deep State has a score multiplier that rises every time you tap on an object, but the multiplier also decays rapidly with time, meaning it’s in your best interest to find as many objects as you can before you actually start tapping them.

Searching for objects in X-Files: Deep State

However, it isn’t as simple as just staring at the crime scene for 15 minutes and then tapping all of the hidden objects in one go. To begin with, you’re only given a maximum of four clues at a time (and sometimes as few as one), meaning that once you build that x5 multiplier, you’re going to have to wing it from there.

Additionally, if you tap on an incorrect object, your score multiplier will be reset entirely to x1, which is further compounded by the fact that you won’t always know exactly what it is you’re looking for — sometimes the clues will just be silhouettes of objects or even just one-word descriptions, and you might even find yourself searching for objects through the lens of a night vision-esque green color filter.

In the end, though, if it comes to it, you can simply run through the same investigation over and over again, eventually familiarizing yourself with the location of every possible object in a given crime scene. Coincidentally, this is also a great way to go about gathering the challenge stars you’ll need to progress through the story.

Mini-Game Puzzles

While Deep State offers a variety of mini-game puzzles that you’ll have to solve in order to advance the story, they’re about as straightforward as they get.

Puzzles in The X-Files: Deep State are pretty basic

Still, even though there may not be any specific trick to solving most of the mini-games, you should be able to complete them quickly to earn bonus rewards.

Narrative Choice

As with Deep State’s mini-games, there isn’t exactly any strategy to be had in progressing through the story, as there aren’t necessarily any incorrect choices to make (although the game will show you what percentage of players made the same choices you did at the end of each case).

The decisions you make impact outcomes in The X-Files: Deep State

Your choices primarily have an impact on the way the story of each case unfolds and can even shape the personality of your detective — for example, are they a skeptic or a believer?

If you were having trouble with The X-Files: Deep State before, hopefully now you’ll have have what it takes to find the truth!

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