Thieves’ Hideout: Zelda A Link Between Worlds Guide

This guide will go through the entire Thieves' Hideout dungeon in A Link Between Worlds.

This guide will go through the entire Thieves' Hideout dungeon in A Link Between Worlds.

Thieves’ Hideout is a Lorule dungeon. I recommend it be the first one because of what you get for completing it. You get access to the sand rod, a master ore, and ability to do desert palace. Master ore can be used to upgrade the Master Sword.

Required items:

  • None
Optional Items:
  • Bomb

This guide will cover the Thieves’ Hideout including:

Reaching the Thieves’ Hideout: How to get there and how to get in.

B1 Floor: Complete guide.

B2 Floor: Complete guide.

B3 Floor: Complete guide and getting a Master Ore.

Thieves’ Hideout: What he does and how to beat him.

Reaching the Thieves’ Hideout

The Thieves’ Hideout is located to the west of Lorule in thieves’ Town. This is the same place as Kakariko village in Hyrule.

  • Go north in the middle of town until you see 2 statues with locked doors. The one on the left is the entrance.

To get in you must finish the 3 lyrics to the thieves’ song. There are 3 people around town that will each give you one line needed.

  • One is in the item shop directly west of the hideout. The bag guy sings it. “Really despair”.
  • One is in a house directly south of the hideout. “To thievin“.
  • One is in a bar directly south of that. The bard sings it. “A narrow path“.
  • After selecting the 3 correct lines, the entrance will be opened.

B1 Floor

  • Go north across the walkway, then west into the next room.
  • Grab the chest with 50 rupees, then head back to the entrance.
  • Go west to the next room at the entrance.
  • Hit the switch to the west, then wall merge out to the west.
  • Grab a statue from the southwest and push it to the northwest. Make sure it is in front of the shooting arrows, then get behind and pull it to the north floor switch.
  • Wall merge around the statue, then go pull the other statue out of its area.
  • Wall merge back to the switch, then hit it. Drag the statue to the floor switch north of that switch.
  • Wall merge into the northeastern area, step on the switch to open the north door, then grab the chest for 50 rupees.

  • Head north to the next room, then keep going to the other room after that. Drop down near the treasure chest for 50 rupees.

B2 Floor

  • Go north down the stairs, then to the west. Head south into the next room.
  • Get on the conveyor belt, then wall merge around to the platform before you fall.
  • Go up the stairs and hit the switch to change the motion of conveyor belt to the east.

  • Drop down, hit the bomb enemy, then throw it on the conveyor belt to hit the switch. Head south to the next room.
  • Continue east into the next room, then east to the eastern room.
  • Grab the chest to the north for monster guts, then go back to the previous room. Head north to the middle room.
  • Wall merge through the bars north of the room to get a chest with a compass.

  • Wall merge into the room with the girl, then step on the switch to open the northwestern area.
  • Go to the area, attack the bomb, then throw it north to open the wall.
  • Go in, then southwest around the outside until you get to an area with 2 switches and platforms.
  • Step on each platform as you hit the switches to raise yourself to the top.
  • Head north, then drop down in the northern switch area. Go into the north room
  • Defeat all the enemies to activate a shortcut portal and get the chest for a small key.
  • Go back to the thief girl and unlock the door. Talk to her to have her follow you.
  • Head north to the two switches on the ground next to the northeastern door. Make sure she stands on a switch, then talk to her to make her stay. Step on the other switch to open the door.

  • Go in the next room, then north. Defeat the enemies, then go to B3. If any enemy gets close to her, they will take her back to prison and you will have to go back to get her.

B3 Floor

  • Go south, then wall merge to the west to step on a switch. Once the platform comes, talk to her to have her follow you again.
  • Head south until you reach bars. Wall merge through, then jump in the water.
  • Swim to the step to the west, then go north until you see a grated platform on the wall.
  • Wall merge behind the platform, then exit to make it fall and make a path.

  • Make the girl follow you across the platform, then head south and make her stay on one of the switches. Step on the other switch to lower the bars to the south.
  • Jump in the, swim south, then get on the platform with red dots to the west.
  • Go up, cross the platform to the east, and pull the lever to get rid of the water.
  • Jump down, go north, then wall merge through the bars to get a chest for 100 rupees.
  • Get the girl to follow you south, then get on the blue platform to the east.
  • Hit the switch to raise, then head west to the red platform.
  • Wall merge to the east, go south, then wall merge to push the platform off the wall.

  • Go over the platform, then step on the red platform. Hit the red switch to raise yourself up.
  • Get the girl to follow you, then enemies will appear. Make her stay, then defeat them.
  • Get her to follow you again, then make her stay on one of the switches to the west. Step on the other one to push the wall to the north.

  • Go down the path, then grab the chest at the end for a Master Ore.

  • Go back to the girl, have her follow you, then go east and up to B2.

B2 Again

  • Have the girl stand on the switch to the west, then go up the stairs to the east.
  • Wall merge to the west, then go up to step on the switch to open door.
  • Quickly jump down and defeat the two enemies, then head west into the next room.
  • Keep going west into the next room, then north until enemies drop down.
  • Go to the switch to the west, then hit it to drop all the enemies from the middle floor. Make sure you and the girl are not standing on it.
  • Go north 2 rooms and defeat the enemies on the conveyor belts.
  • Hit the switch to the north, then head up to B1.

B1 Again

  • Go southwest and have her stand in front of the fan.
  • Wall merge to the south, then step on the switch to the east to push her to the far east platform.
  • Ride the wind to that platform, then have her follow you. Step on the switch to the north, then go south to get pushed to the middle platform. Go south to the next room.
  • Have her stand on one of the switch, then step on the other one to open a path to the chest in the northeast corner for 100 rupees. Have her follow you south to the next room.
  • Go south until 2 enemies appear, then hit the switch to the south to raise the bars before they get in.
  • Wall merge out, defeat them, then wall merge back in.
  • Have her follow you, hit the switch, then move east to the entrance.
  • Go north until you get to two switches. Have her stay on one, then step on the other to activate a moving wall above.

  • Get on the wall, then ride it to the platform with the big chest to get the big key.
  • Go south, then open the door to the boss.

Thieves’ Hideout Boss Guide

This boss has a wall shield and a sword. If you try to hit him, he will put his sword up. When this happens you must wall merge into his shield. He will get confused, then you can exit and attack.

  • Wall merge into shield, then exit and attack.
  • Repeat until Phase 2.

Phase 2 he will get rid of the shield, then come after you. He will swipe at you with his sword and do a spinning attack. He will also shoot black stuff out of his mouth. Just attack when he’s done attacking.

  • Avoid his attacks, then attack after.
  • Repeat until Phase 3.

Phase 3 he will launch his head away from his body. It will spin around shooting black stuff, while his body tries to attack you. Attack his body.

  • Avoid both head and body attacks, attack his body.
  • Repeat until defeated.

After you defeat the boss, the thief girl will take you to the painting of Osfala and a heart container. Touch the painting to free him.

After the events are over, you can go back to Ravio to rent or buy the sand rod. It is 50 rupees to rent or 800 to buy.

Now that you have the sand rod, you can go to the Desert Palace if you choose. That is also where you can get the Titan’s Mitt so that you can pick up big rocks.

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