These tips and tricks should up your game in Survival Heroes to help you achieve victory!

Tips and Tricks for Survival Heroes

These tips and tricks should up your game in Survival Heroes to help you achieve victory!
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Taking the top spot in Survival Heroes can prove tedious if you don’t have a good start. You can quickly get overwhelmed by another player who happens to land next to you and discovers a suitable weapon within their first house. 

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Though, late in the game, you can’t only rely on your abilities to get you out of a situation. You need to out-think your opponents and prepare for them to surprise them with the first round of attacks.

This guide breaks down some great tips and tricks you should keep in mind if you want to walk away with the number one spot, whether you’ve been playing this game for a week or well over a month.

See Where Your Oppponents Land

It sucks getting killed off within the first two minutes of any battle royale game. One way to prevent this in Survival Heroes is using a neat trick to watch where your opponents land nearby using your mini map. To do this correctly, you have to perform it during your descent on the upper part of your fall.

You’ll notice while you’re on the airship you can observe all of the players falling from your mini map. Small, red dots represent them. When you jump out, you can continue to watch these dots fall, however, they disappear when you pull out your parachute and start to angle your fall.

You can have them reappear if you do not move on your character in any direction. If you keep them completely still during the fall, you’ll have a better chance of not getting ambushed so early.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this once you’re closer to the ground. You’ll be unable to see them once the arrow on the falling bar reaches the small blue part, near the bottom. Use this advantage as early as you can to get an excellent early start!

Use Scouts Frequently

For those unfamiliar with the MOBA genre, the idea of the vision item shows a great deal of promise. This item goes on the ground and grants you a small area of sight, even if you’re not nearby. To use this limited range to your advantage, you need to gauge your surroundings and think about where you can best create an ambush.

You’ll likely not want to use these too much during the beginning of a game. During this time the circle is more prominent, and everyone is running around looking for items. If you know someone landed near you, then sure, use it if you find one within your first few buildings. Though, you’re going to see yourself hoarding these scout items throughout most of the game, using them closer to the end.

When it does, a great strategy is to hunker down near the edge of the closing circle and lay a few out behind you. This way you can see any foes attempting to run towards safety. It’s a great way to catch them off guard and deal a great deal of damage. You’ll find using your scout item and then a stun ability, if your weapon has it, can effectively eliminate them in the shortest amount of time.

Stop Camping – Keep Looting and Killing

If you’re really after the title of King of Survival in Survival Heroes, you can’t find yourself remaining in a single location. You need to consistently find yourself exploring houses, caves, and creepy graveyards to discover as much loot as possible. Not only that but looting and killing NPCs around the map levels you up. The higher level you are, the more damage your weapon’s basic attacks and abilities are going to do.

Escape With The Help From NPCs

Findings yourself losing a fight against another opponent? Your go-to decision is to dash away as quickly as possible to chug a potion down, but they’re likely to chase after you. A great way to give yourself some breathing room is to run through a small group of NPCs.

Doing this forces your opponent’s basic attacks to focus on one more than one target. Though it won’t work all the time, every so often the basic attacks may redirect, and abilities veer off towards the group of NPCs. When your opponent starts attacking these small groups, it gives you a bit of time to run into a nearby building or lose sight of them. It only works for a couple of seconds and doesn’t always shake them, but it can buy you the time you need to escape. 

Watch out for the type of NPCs you run through as some NPCs may target you. However, most of the NPCs in Survival Heroes remain passive if you just run past them and become aggressive only when attacked.

Bushes Keep You Hidden, But…

Another temptation you may have is to remain in the bushes as often as possible. While in the undergrowth your character becomes hidden, and other players can’t see you. Though, they can hear you if you start moving through underbrush. The best way to take advantage of these little sections of stealth is to run through as often as possible.

Though another player will hear yours, they won’t immediately know your location. They only know the general direction you’re in. Use this to your advantage and force them to go to you, this way you can unleash your best abilities first and take them by surprise.

Double down on optimizing your positioning in the bushes by layering scouts around your chosen area. You’ll have the chance to watch your opponents as they search for you, giving you a better idea of when to strike to deal the most damage.

Stalk Objectives

The developers behind Survival Heroes took a unique approach to the battle royale genre by taking elements from traditional MOBAs. Beyond scouts, they also introduced the concept of objectives. These objectives are scattered throughout the map, from a dungeon with a chest full of epic loot inside to the mighty Black Dragon that spawns at a predetermined location after a certain amount of time. These objectives can change the course of your game and provide significant benefits to those who take advantage of them.

Because of these objectives are not necessary to win, it doesn’t mean you always have to interact with them. To achieve victory in this game doesn’t necessarily mean you need to kill the Black Dragon, but knowing its location could give you valuable hints to where other players may congregate.

A great way to stick it to another player is to let them fight the Black Dragon, granting you the opportunity to dive in, kill the player, and claim the objective for yourself. You’ll have to time this well because if you go in too early, the enemy player can easily divert from their original target and focus on you, or if you go too late, the foe will claim the kill, despite you taking them out. How you initiate this confrontation changes based on what weapon you’re carrying.

Those are the helpful tips we’ve gathered up during our time playing the brutal Survival Heroes! These should give you the upper hand during your games to bring you victory and quickly rank up. Have a trick you use to win? Comment below!

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