Tips for Becoming a Better Teammate in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Tips for being a better CS: GO teammate.
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Since its launch in August of 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s popularity has been sky rocketing in the video game community. With more and more new players jumping into the game everyday CS: GO is on track to become one of the biggest eSports on the market and perhaps to rival other powerhouses such as Dota 2 and League of Legends.

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As a seasoned veteran myself with over 1600 hours played and more than 550 competitive matchmaking wins, I’m often plagued with the problem of teammates lacking good teamwork skills. So I’ve decided I’d start writing articles to perhaps push players to reflect on their own teamplay skills and maybe help new players with the knowledge they need to become a more positive member of the squad.

Money Management

Today’s article I’m going to be talking about good (and bad) money management. Proper money management in CS: GO is paramount to minimizing the amount of rounds that you have to eco (saving your money and hoping for the best with pistols). Once you’ve lost a round in CS: GO your team is put one step behind the other team in terms of economy and managing your money well as a team is a good way to take a step back up that ladder towards overcoming your opponents.


A lot of newer players don’t see the effect being strapped for cash can have on a round. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you have to spend it. If your team only has enough for say, light SMGs and no armor, you could end up severely outgunned against enemies that have AWPs, rifles, and full body/head armor. It’s a bad investment for your team to spend when you don’t have enough to compete against enemies that do. Rounds where your team is broke what you should do is buy only pistols, no body/head armor, and stick together as a team. That way you can save your money for the next round and possibly have a better shot at a win.

Little saves make a big difference

One of the biggest mistakes I see new as well as experienced players making is not understanding how big of a difference small gun/armor saves can make on a game. For example, the score is 4-4 and your teammates got wiped out trying to hold onto the bomb site. It’s now a 5 versus 2 situation. You and your teammate have the choice to either try and risk it against opponents that have the upper-hand , or you can run, hide, and go for a save. Unless winning the round is detrimental to winning the game, your best option is going to be to try and live to fight another day. The thing a whole lot of players fail to consciously think of is the fact that if your team saves maybe 5 guns in a half, that’s 5 guns you won’t be needing to buy at a later round. Maybe down the road there will come a round where your team would have otherwise been broke and been forced on an eco round, but because you saved those 5 guns you will instead have money to buy gear and will not be needing to throw away the round.

When an eco round comes, don’t be that guy

Anyone who has played a good amount of CS: GO knows exactly what I’m talking about. The guy that when the majority of the team is broke, goes ahead and says “F*** it!”. He spends all his cash on the big guns that go PEW PEW so they can “360 n0 sc0p3 all teh newbz with cuz he is teh l33test pro on the team.” Don’t be that guy. When everyone is broke, be smart, cut your losses and save. If the rest of your team doesn’t have gear, you spending your money will most likely be a total waste as your teammates might be no help. It might even possibly be hurting your team more later when they have to buy you a gun because you’re too stupid and broke.

That about wraps it up for today’s article. If you want any other tips or have any questions regarding CS: GO, be sure to leave a comment below! Or if you want to play, feel free to add me on steam @ “billgarr(play disc golf)”.

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