Do you find it hard to stay alive and win the match in PUBG? Follow this guide and learn how to win in this challenging game.

Do you find it hard to stay alive and win the match in PUBG? Follow this guide and learn how to win in this challenging game.
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In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS every match involves 100 people fighting for survival until only one of them is left alive. That one player wins the match and gets all the best rewards. But it is not as easy as it may seem in the beginning.

So how do you actually win the match? How do you kill 99 players and stay alive for the entirety of the match? Some players say that you just need to practice a lot, and then you will have a better chance. However, if you don’t know what to practice, then you can try indefinitely, but without any significant result.

This guide will help you define the most important tactics and decisions in the game that will actually lead you to victory.

Developing Efficient Strategy in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS


Take Your Spot

Most players in PUBG are impatient — use this to your advantage. It means that they always stay on foot, while you can take a certain position and snipe them out. In this case correct positioning will almost guarantee you half of the victory.

Of course, you can’t sit in one place the entire match, sooner or later somebody else will figure how to take you out. So you should be moving from time to time.

If you’re in an open area, then try to move between the trees and bushes that will serve as the cover. If you try and run out in the naked field, you will be shot.

Pay Extra Attention Around Buildings

In the settlements the situation is similar — you need to be moving slowly, crouching along the walls of the buildings. Be extra careful there, since there is a huge chance that somebody is already occupying one of the buildings.

Keep your eyes open and soon you will notice the movements. This also means that you should never run around, because you will be just as easily spotted and killed.

Leave No Trace

If you want to hide inside the building, then always remember to close the doors behind you. If you leave them open, it will indicate to other players that there is someone inside. In the same way, if you see an open door or a window, be sure that somebody’s camping inside.

If you see a group of players in the shootout, don’t bother until at least half of them are dead. When only a few of them are left, carefully climb out of your hideout and just snipe them down.



Choose Your Drop Zone

When you decide to drop off the plane, try to get away from it as far as possible — in this way you will most likely find more valuable loot that hasn’t been snatched by other players.

Also, don’t waste time getting all the possible loot you will find — be more discriminate about the quality of items that you pick up.

Pay Attention to the Restriction Zone

Don’t ignore the restriction zone, and try to get inside the circle as soon as possible. First of all, this will allow you to take a much better position — usually in the very center of the zone. Secondly, you won’t need to worry about further restriction and just keep waiting for others to handle the rest of the players.

When the number of players goes down to 20, then move to the edge of the zone — this will allow you to focus on your front side, because the rest of the players are already inside the zone by that time, so you don’t have to worry about somebody coming from the back.

Red Zone is Dangerous

When you see a red circle on the map, and you find yourself inside, then either run away as fast as you can or hide inside the building — this area gets obliterated by bombs.

You can also use this zone to identify the position of other players on the map, as there is always somebody inside.

Choosing Weapons and Healing in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS


Grenades are Very Effective

Most players rely solely on firearms and forget to use grenades that can be very effective in various situations. For example, smoke and light grenades can help you hide from aggressors, or you can use them to lure out enemies from their hideouts.

Close and Long Range Combat

Handguns are mostly useless in this game, so you need to focus on assault rifles that are universal. However, if you need to be more effective in close range, then there is nothing better than a good shotgun. Long range combat cannot be effective without sniper rifles, so find at least one and keep it for those special occasions.

Stack Up Energy Drinks

If you got shot, then try to use your energy drinks instead of the bandages that are not very effective. Energy drinks not only heal you but also give you a boost. Surely, when you’re on the brink of death, then you’ll need at least 2-3 medkits.


These simple techniques will help you survive through the whole match and take the long-awaited victory. If you’ve got some more tips for new players, then you can leave them in the comments below.

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