Titanfall Burn Cards Guide: Stealth and Speed

A list of all the Stealth and Speed Burn Cards in Respawn's new Titanfall! Learn how to use your cards effectively in game!

The new way of getting ahead of the game in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is to use those Burn Cards! Burns Cards are their new system for upgrades and power ups that you can use only once before the cards are no more. 

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Using your cards!

Getting these cards are simple. You just have to complete challenges that are found on your in-game menu. These challenges will allow you to collect up to 25 cards until use those cards in your deck. Once you choose the card you can use up to 3 each time your pilot spawns. 

In order to unlock all three slots, you have to rank up to levels 7, 9, and 11 to unlock the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd slots respectively. In this guide I will be showing you all the known burn cards for stealth and speed and their purpose on the frontier. Feel free to check out all of GameSkinny’s guides on the Titanfall guide list!

Stealth Burn Cards

Active Camo
Replaces Pilot Tactical Ability with longer-lasting Cloak. This Burn Card lets you remain Cloaked for a longer period which allows you to ride a titan for longer periods of time or sneak in and capture the flag!

Ghost Squad
Permanently cloaked as a Pilot, in addition to having your Pilot Tactical Ability. Having the ability to cloak for the entire time you are alive can be invaluable and if you are good enough can lead to a huge kill streak!

Speed Burn Cards

Adrenaline Infusion
Permanently stimmed as a Pilot as well as having your Pilot Tactical Ability. It allows you to regenerate your health as soon as opponents stop shooting at you, making it very difficult to kill any pilot with this burn card. 

Prosthetic Legs
Pilot has a faster running speed. This burn card allows you to have more of a boost when running away from enemies and can be very helpful on the frontier. Your pilot won’t get as tired with the Prosthetic Legs burn card. 

Smuggled Stimulant
Replaces Pilot Tactical Ability with longer-lasting Stim. Like the Adrenaline Infusion card you get the ability to regenerate health constantly but the down side is that you lose your Pilot Tactical Ability. 

These are all the Burn Cards for stealth and speed so far. There is a possibility that more will come in the days passing so be sure to check back for more! Don’t forget to check out GameSkinny’s Titanfall Guide List

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