Titanfall: Customize Yourself

Need to know how to customize your Pilot and Titan? Then, check out this video guide!

With the release of Titanfall, some of you are wondering how to customize your Pilot and Titan. Although it is simple, it may not be clear to everyone. I’ll go over unlocking customization for Pilot, Titan, and unlocking the Stryder and Ogre Titans for customization.

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Unlocking Pilot and Titan Customization


Pilot customization unlocks when you rank up to level 5. At this point you can change your primary weapon, anti-titan weapon, sidearm, tactical ability, ordinance, tier 1 kit, tier 2 kit, and gender.

Primary weapon and sidearm are you normal weapons as a Pilot. Pilots use the anti-titan weapon to take out Titans as a Pilot. Primary weapons are customizable with attachments. The others can only be changed to different weapons.

Tactical abilities give you an edge in battle. The cloak is the only one available at the beginning. It makes you almost invisible for a short time.

Ordinances are explosives. You start with the frag grenade and unlock the rest by leveling up.

The tier kits are like Call of Duty perks and give passive changes to your character.


Titan customization unlocks when you rank up to level 10. You can change the chassis, primary weapon, tactical ability, ordinance, and tier kits.

The chassis changes the type of Titan you have. You only have the Atlas at the beginning. You unlock Stryder by completing either the Militia or IMC campaign and Ogre by completing both Militia and IMC campaigns.

The primary weapons hit hard. They also have attachments, just like the Pilots.

There are fewer tactical abilities, but the initial Vortex Shield is really cool. It blocks all projectiles, then fires them back in any direction you choose. The ordinances and tier kits work the same as Pilots.

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Below is a peak at the game play.

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