Titanfall Guide: C.A.R. SMG Attachments, Mods, and Challenges

The C.A.R. is a bigger, stronger SMG. Check out this detailed guide to become a master of this gun.

The C.A.R. SMG in Titanfall is a more powerful and accurate SMG than the R-97. C.A.R. stands for Combat Advanced Round and it shows in the stats. This gun is useful in a few more situations than the R-97 Compact SMG. It's still great in a fast, close quarters environment, but it is also more accurate and more powerful at range than the other SMG.

Choose this gun if you like constant movement and killing at close ranges, but also can fire from longer distances if needed. I'll be going over the best ways to use the C.A.R SMG, as well as each attachment, mod, and challenge.

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This guide will cover everything about the C.A.R. SMG including:

  • Weapon Basics - The stats and general info on the gun.
  • Attachments - Each attachment and what they do.
  • Mods - Each mod and what they do.
  • Challenges - List of every challenge for this gun.
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Weapon Basics - Get to know your C.A.R. SMG

This SMG is much stronger and more accurate than the R-97 compact SMG. In exchange, it has a lower fire rate and magazine capacity.  It also has a slightly better range.

It is better for a balanced play style with the SMG. It can still be used in run and gun kits because it is an SMG and will kill quickly because of the damage. It also does decent at picking off people from a distance.

Attachments - You only get one


The HCOG is a great scope, but it has a limited range. It stands for Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight and has 1.85x magnification.

  • Decent zoom for getting people just out of normal range.
  • Use when you need to keep your distance.

Mods - Customize Your SMG


Normally when firing from the hip, the crosshairs get smaller and makes it less accurate. This mod keeps the crosshairs at a fixed size, which increases accuracy from hip firing and while moving.

  • This is great for fast, run and gun style game play.
  • Increases the accuracy even more, making sure you are precise in any situation.
  • Pick this mod if you are going to move and shoot without aiming down the sights a lot.

Extended Magazine

This mod adds 10 extra shots to the magazine. This makes it so that you don't have to reload as often. This is a decent mod for this gun because it has a lower capacity than the R-97, it's stronger, and the other mods aren't as impressive the Scatterfire for the R-97.

  • Use when you want more shots, or firing from longer ranges more often.
  • Good in close-range situations as well and gives more room for error.


The Suppressor mod lowers the firing noise and muzzle flash for the gun. Enemies are also unable to detect you on minimaps when you fire your weapon.

I'm not a fan of suppressors in general, but it has uses when you need to go undetected.

Challenges - Master the SMG

There are 6 categories of challenges for the C.A.R. SMG, each with multiple tiers to complete.

If It Moves

This category involves killing enemies. This means any enemy, such as a Pilot, Grunt, Spectre, or Titan.

Killing 25 enemies unlocks the Suppressor mod. The rest give experience and Amped C.A.R. burn cards. For more info on burn cards, check out the Weapon Burn Cards Guide.

Top Gun

These require you to kill actual players, the Pilots. 15 Pilot kills unlocks the Counterweight mod. The rest give experience and Amped C.A.R. burn cards.

Machine War

Spectre kills, the robot minions, count towards these challenges. Killing 25 Spectres unlocks the Extended Magazine mod.

The Expendables

This category is all about killing Grunts. 50 Grunt kills unlocks the HCOG scope.

This Is My Weapon

Just using the gun for certain periods of time completes these challenges. They give experience and burn cards.

Off The Dome

This category requires you to get headshots with this gun. Like the previous category, these challenges give experience and burn cards.

That wraps up the C.A.R. SMG weapon guide. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments! Visit the Guide List for anything else you want to know about Titanfall.

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