Learn which skills to upgrade and what weapons to use for each of the three main playstyles in this guide to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Playstyle Guide

Learn which skills to upgrade and what weapons to use for each of the three main playstyles in this guide to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands offers a huge variety of missions in various locations that can be approached from many angles. This freedom of choice is great when you know what to do and have a lot of experience in playing tactical shooters.

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However, if you’re a relatively new player, then there is a chance that some of the missions might puzzle you. This guide will help you identify the correct playstyle, choose the right type of weapons, and let you know how to use them in the field.

There are three main playstyles in Ghost Recon: WildlandsAssault, Stealth, and Sniper — which you can utilize in order to accomplish all the missions in the game successfully.

Stealth Playstyle

Ghost Recon Wildlands Playstyle

Many players who start out in Ghost Recon: Wildlands tend to choose a stealthy approach to their missions. It’s completely understandable as it requires a slow and deliberate approach, which gives you more room for maneuvers and time to think before attempting anything.

If you want to achieve perfection in stealth, then play with real friends in co-op, as AI teammates can sometimes mess everything up.

Best weapons for Stealth:
  • For close combat you need an SMG with the highest level of noise reduction — that would be MP5.
    • You can choose any other SMG, but be sure to equip it with the silencer.
  • For ranged shots you’ll need a sniper rifle with great accuracy — such as M40A5.
    • Use it before entering the enemy territory in order to get rid of the guards.
Best skills for Stealth:
  • Stable Aim is the one you should have to be able to deal headshots on the very first attempt.
  • Advanced Suppressor comes a bit later, but is necessary for reducing the damage penalty.
  • Drone skills are a must for stealthy playstyle, as this is your main tool for surveillance.
    • At least upgrade these four: Battery, Night Vision, Range, and Stealth.
  • C4 explosive will give you a great advantage at the very end of the missions, when you need to blow up something without being noticed.
  • Unlock Parachute if you plan on using helicopter to reach distant points.
  • Quiet Running is an obvious choice, just as much as the Detection skill.
  • Sync Shot is the best choice for a squad, since you can quickly take out a horde of enemies without spurring too much noise.

Assault Playstyle

Ghost Recon Wildlands Playstyle

This is the riskier kind of playstyle, and if you’re not too fond of slower stealthy approach, then go for this one. Prepare for some fast shooting, running and dodging. There is more room for heavier and louder weapons when playing assault, but there are a few other skills that may come in handy as well.

Best weapons for Assault:
  • Assault rifles are your best buddies here, such as FAMAS G2 with the highest rate of fire and MK 17 with the highest rate of damage.
  • When it comes to crushing vehicles and aircrafts, you can effectively use light machine guns — such as MK-48 that has both high rate of fire and damage.
Best skills for Assault:
  • Stamina is the most important physical trait for this type of playstyle, as you’ll be running and gunning way too often.
  • Bullet Resistance should also be upgraded to protect yourself from the incoming damage.
  • When it comes to weapon skills, then consider Ammo Capacity that is vital for staying long in the enemy lines.
  • Also, unlock the Grenade Launcher, which is faster and easier way to deal with all the transport than with the LMGs.
  • Squad Resilience is good for those who play with AI teammates.

Sniper Playstyle

Ghost Recon Wildlands Playstyle

This playstyle can be relevant for one of your squad members, if you’re playing with other three friends in co-op mode. It’s crucial to have a good sniper in your team, as there are always enough targets on the watchtowers looking out for trespassers such as you.

Best weapons for Sniper:
  • Range and accuracy make all the difference for a powerful sniper rifle — that’s why you will need something like HTI and MSR sniper rifles.
Best skills for Sniper:
  • Stable Aim should be your first priority — it is without saying the most important skill of every sniper.
  • Stamina could be very useful, since snipers need to identify the best spots for shooting, and thus need to move and re-locate as fast as possible.
  • Sync Shot Extra Targets would do wonders in case when there are more snipers in the squad.

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