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Top 20 Best My Summer Car Mods

Playing My Summer Car and want to heat up your game? Check out these mods!

My Summer Car is all about building a car from scratch, doing odd jobs, drinking beer, and eating fine Finnish sausage. If you’re looking for a realistic survival/racing/crafting hybrid, look no further. However, it becomes even more enjoyable with a few mods to spice it up. Here are some of the very best!

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Best My Summer Car Mods

While there’s no real mod support from the developer, many players have taken it upon themselves to add their own touches to the game, enhancing or changing My Summer Car to fit their own tastes. The following are some of the best mods we’ve come across that you can try out for yourself.

Note: Some mods for My Summer Car are fairly extensive and perhaps not entirely stable, so always back up your saves and game files before testing these mods out for yourself.

My Winter Car

Winter scenery in My Summer Car with snow on the sides of the road
Image via by smonk

Creator: by smonk

Tired of driving around in an endless summer? My Winter Car turns My Summer Car into a winter wonderland! The whole world will light up with bright white snow on the ground and the sides of the road. Plus, snowy trees and tracks on the road as well. It’s a refreshing change from the usual summer experience.

Download My Winter Car here.

Engine Info

Menu with engine info from engine info mod in My Summer Car
Image via Lex

Creator: Lex

Have a problem with your car but not sure how to fix it? This Engine Info mod allows you to see all the current statuses for your car: how worn they are, damage components, turning parameters, battery voltage, and fluid levels. This way, you can keep track of your car’s condition and know what to fix and when to fix it.

Download Engine Info here.


MStuner mod menu in My Summer Car
Image via ajanhallinta

Creator: ajanhallinta

MSTuner is an in-depth mod that allows you to change a ton of things about your car: engine stats, drivetrain, axles, and even the textures and models of individual sections of your car’s exterior.

Out of all of the mods on this list, however, MSTuner is probably the most unstable. Though it gives you nearly unlimited customization, there’s a high risk of corrupting your save game so back up your saves before playing around with this mod. With all the customization available, however, this mod is certainly worth it!

Download MSTuner here.

Starter Pack

My Summer Car with starter pack mod items
Image via GyroscopicDesign

Creator: GyroscopicDesign

Speaking of show cars, the Starter Pack mod is wonderful if you messed up a save, or died and had to restart. Don’t want to spend another ten hours saving money and rebuilding your clunker? Starter Pack is for you! Install this mod, and you’ll start a game with a car you can win prizes with.

Download the Starter Pack here.

Game Save/Load Bot

My Summer Car mod with game save and load menu
Image via auksasful

Creator: auksasful

Though shortcuts are nice, the Game Save/Load Bot takes saving games a couple of steps further. Ordinarily, My Summer Car only gives you one save file. This Bot — an external executable — lets you manage several saves at once and choose which one to load at any given time. It’s a truly nice feature if you want to start a new game but don’t want to lose that pretty show car you worked so hard on.

Download Game Save/Load Bot here.

Quicksave and Quickload

House interior in My Summer Car
Image via Amistech Games

Creator: RJ42B2C

Currently, My Summer Car‘s save function and load feature require you to go into your bathroom and *ahem* relieve yourself. Quicksave and Quickload gives you keyboard shortcuts, streamlining the whole process nicely. Bullet dodged.

Download Quicksave and Quickload here.

MSC Mod Loader 0.2

MSC menu as mod loader in My Summer Car
Image via piotrulos

Creator: piotrulos

MSC Mod Loader streamlines your modding, doing some of the grunt work for you. With the Mod Loader, all you have to do is drop the mod files you’ve downloaded into a folder and execute the program to patch the mods into your game.

Some mods do wild things, though, and Mod Loader can’t handle everything — so be sure to read the installation instructions on each mod carefully.

Download MSC Mod Loader here.

Realistic Visual

My Summer Car scenery with realistic shadow, light, and shading with realistic visual mod
Image via AdamJensen2029

Creator: AdamJensen2029

Want to boost your My Summer Car graphics? This is a simple fix that adjusts the lighting, shadows, and shading in the game. Plus, it corrects some of the colors to make them more vibrant and look more realistic. You can appreciate the sunsets even more!

Download Realistic Visual here.

VHS Reshade

My Summer Car scenery with VHS filter on it
Image via kartu6ko

Creator: kartu6ko

My Summer Car already has that kind of nostalgic feel to it, but you can make it even more so with this VHS reshade mod. It will filter the game with a VHS overlay, complete with static-y lines, dates, and that iconic ‘play’ title in the top corner.

Download VHS Reshade here.

Modern Optimization Plugin

Modern Optimization mod in My Summer Car with ping differences
Image via Athlon

Creator: Athlon

You can bring your My Summer Car game up to current times thanks to this Modern Optimization Plugin mod. This aims to make your game run smoother by boosting the FPS from the laggy, slow speed in the original to a much faster speed to match the modern gaming age.

Download the Modern Optimization Plugin here.


Cheat Box mod in My Summer Car with cheat options
Image via ELS122

Creator: ELS122

Sometimes, cheats are a necessity to make your playthrough a little more enjoyable, especially if you’re stuck on a particularly challenging task. This Cheatbox mod helps you cheat your needs, give yourself money, give yourself important items, or even teleport yourself wherever you need to go.

Download BetterCheatBox here.


MSCM Minimap cover for mod in My Summer Car
Image via RedJohn260

Creator: RedJohn260

This neat mod by RedJohn260 adds a fully compatible mini-map to the game. It appears at the top right corner of your screen, showing a brief outline of your current surroundings and items near you. It makes getting around much easier, and it’s harder for you to get lost.

Download Minimap here.

Drivable Ricochet

Ricochet drivable car mod for My Summer Car
Image via Homura – BrennFuchS and dazy

Creator: Homura – BrennFuchS and dazy

If you’re looking for something entirely new for your game, try out this sweet 1972 Hayosiko Ricochet. This is a completely drivable car that you can purchase by interacting with the notice on the noticeboard in town. You can paint it however you like and even replace some of the parts to your liking.

Download Drivable Ricochet here.

Fuel Tank Door

Car with fuel tank door open with mod in My Summer Car
Image via Fredrik

Creator: Fredrik

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. This Fuel Tank Door mod adds an entirely usable little door over your fuel tank opening. You can open and close it or even remove it and paint it to match your current job. It’s a fun little addition that may not be a necessity but adds more realism.

Download Fuel Tank Door here.

Rent Apartment

Apartment building near lake for rent with mod in my Summer Car
Image via sykovanz

Creator: sykovanz

This is a must-try mod for My Summer Car that allows you to move into your very own apartment by the lake. You can put a down payment on the apartment and then make regular rent payments to your landlord following. It has two fully original quests included, a functional TV, a uniquely modeled interior, and it allows you to move all your current items over to it.

Download Rent Apartment here.

Tire Racks

Hanging racks with tires in it from mod for My Summer Car
Image via Fredrik

Creator: Fredrik

If you like organizations like me, you’ll love this Tire Racks mod by Fredrik. This allows you to put your tires away in hanging racks rather than having them scattered around your garage on the floor. You can also change the racks’ colors to organize by tire type.

Download Tire Racks here.

Call Your Cousin

Two cars with note with cousin number for mod in My Summer Car
Image via sykovanz

Creator: sykovanz

Don’t have a car running yet? Use this Call Your Cousin mod to get a ride from your cousin into town. This adds to a note with a phone number beside the phone at home, and after calling, your cousin pulls up in his car. You can get inside the car and catch a ride into town. You can even call him on the payphone if needed.

Download Call Your Cousin here.

Colorful Gauges

Colorful lit up gauges in car in My Summer Car
Image via RedJohn260

Creator: RedJohn260

You can add an extra pop of color to your car thanks to the Colorful Gauges mod by RedJohn260. You can change the color of the gauges to pink, orange, blue, and so many other colors by adjusting sliders. You’ll even have full control over each individual color from the needle to the background and even the amount of glow they have.

Download Colorful Gauges here.

Transport Trailer

Trailer full of stuff on back of car in My Summer Car
Image via Fredrik

Creator: Fredrik

This Transport Trailer mod is a lifesaver for transporting items back to your garage, especially if you have a bunch of heavy items. You can attach the trailer to the back of your car, load up the items, and then drive them back with ease.

Download the Transport Trailer here.

Delivery Jobs

Delivery boxes in front of a house in my Summer Car
Image via piotrulos

Creator: piotrulos

Want a fun way to earn some extra money? This mod by Piotrulos allows you to take randomly generated delivery jobs. Deliver various-sized packages to random addresses and interact with the sticky note on the mailbox to complete it and earn money.

Download Delivery Jobs here.

This concludes our list of mods for My Summer Car. Follow the links to download and try them for yourself. Combine a few to make the ultimate experience. There’s plenty more to try on NexusMods as well.

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