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Turtles with eggs on the beach in Minecraft
Image via Xbox Game Studios

Top 20 Minecraft 1.13 Seeds

Turtles, phantoms, underwater ravines, and other cool features of Update Aquatic are available in our list of the top 20 Minecraft 1.13 seeds.

The long-awaited Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic has finally set its first steps into the world. You can now experience some of its features in the first snapshot, which offers new mobs, such as turtles and phantoms, and other cool things, including the trident weapon.

Oceans are definitely becoming more and more interesting, and you will have plenty of opportunities to discover their hidden potential in this month's selection of the top 20 Minecraft seeds.

Note: The seeds represented here have been tested in the latest 18w08b snapshot. It's still quite buggy, and changes may be implemented at any moment. If you see that some of the seeds don't work as intended, then switch to the last working version of Minecraft 1.12.2

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Seed: 960570313

Coordinates: 240 232
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest, Ocean

Spawn on a warm beach with turtles and a village. But what's that in the background? That's a woodland mansion! Yup, it's right there near the village.

Now, you can try breeding the cute turtles by feeding them sea grass, which grows all around the beach. Once baby turtles hatch from the eggs and start turning into adults, you can start picking up sea shells. They can be used to craft strong helmets.

Seed: -268867964946558

Coordinates: -252 92
Biomes: Ocean, Taiga

Another new addition in Minecraft 1.13 is the underwater ravines. These naturally generated cracks in the earth can now be seen near two ocean monuments located at coordinates -456 216 and -728 120.

On your way to these water temples, you will stumble upon a tiny taiga village at coordinates -135 71.

Seed: -528460866989688

Coordinates: -37 15
Biomes: Mesa, Savanna, Desert

Spawn in the middle of the mesa biome not far away from a savanna village at coordinates -168 344 and a desert temple at coordinates -376 296.

You can go straight to the temple and pillage its treasure chamber for some super fine items:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 2 diamonds
  • 1 iron horse armor

Seed: -604625629625807808

Coordinates: -80 256
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

You will spawn in the thick of the forest biome. From there on you can go up north and find a village at coordinates -456 120 and a woodland mansion at coordinates -500 -770.

There is also a blacksmith in the village and a spider dungeon underneath it at coordinates -531 39 194. There is a chest in the dungeon with a golden apple.

Seed: 130559855676150

Coordinates: 148 -40
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

Spawn very close to the desert village and temple that stand right next to each other -- always a great combination. The village is actually super tiny and consists of merely a few buildings and farms.

But do check out the desert temple for some good loot:

  • 2 golden apples
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • Enchanted Book - Blast Protection I
  • Enchanted Book - Power IV

Seed: -865745897201626

Coordinates: -204 256
Biomes: Jungle, Mesa

Double jungle temple at spawn! The two temples are just a few hundred blocks away from each other and can be found at the coordinates -440 232 and 152 120.

The loot in both of the temples is quite extraordinary, and you should definitely take a look:

  • 3 diamonds
  • 1 emerald
  • 1 diamond horse armor
  • 25 gold ingots

Seed: 810225288561525989

Coordinates: 120 256
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Swampland

Spawn a thousand blocks away from a huge woodland mansion that resides near a swamp at coordinates -1000 400. This mansion is also quite a special one and contains a secret room on one of the top floors, which is not something you see too often.

The room is located at coordinates -1028 81 483 and contains two chests with the following items:

  • 2 golden apples
  • 2 redstones
  • 5 iron ingots

Seed: 798985109698349

Coordinates: -200 168
Biomes: Plains, Extreme Hills

Spawn at a tiny village that stands near a fantastic extreme hills view. To the north at coordinates -136 -312 and -136 -664 you will find two more villages. The last one even has a blacksmith with a diamond in his chest.

Also, under the last village you will find two dungeons at coordinates -73 51 -779 and -78 50 -794 with the following loot:

  • 4 redstones
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 4 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Mending
  • Enchanted Book - String
  • Enchanted Book - Channeling

Seed: -981323491131848

Coordinates: 252 232
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Spawn right next to a village with no smithy but a beautiful flower forest nearby. However, if you were looking for some good loot, then check out an abandoned mineshaft residing exactly underneath the village.

You will find two chests with lots of lapis lazuli and an Enchanted Book - Power III at coordinates -72 9 17.

Seed: -850360904102450

Coordinates: -37 15
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

Spawn on a mesa biome on the bottom of a canyon. Outside of the canyon you will find a desert temple at coordinates -408 312.

The four chests on the bottom of the treasure chamber contain some really valuable loot, such as:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 3 emeralds
  • 2 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Fire Aspect II

Seed: -137631505969484

Coordinates: -12 160
Biomes: Savanna, Desert, Ocean

Spawn on the beach of a giant survival island, which accomodates a village and a desert temple together at coordinates 120 -152.

The temple with its chests will serve you as a great source of valuable items, such as:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 3 diamonds
  • 2 emeralds
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 6 gold ingots
  • 7 iron ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Infinity

Seed: 3702590751969092778

Coordinates: -240 256
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Village with diamonds at spawn! There is no better feeling than spawning right next to a village with some of the best possible loot in the game. This local blacksmith has been hoarding diamonds for a long time, so now you can have all five of them.

Seed: -863001076586546792

Coordinates: 204 196
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains, Ocean

Spawn on a survival island located not far away from a woodland mansion at coordinates 500 -850. The building is located on the ocean shore and not too far away from a village at coordinates 712 -680.

Under the village you will find an abandoned mineshaft with a chest containing a golden apple at coordinates 796 37 -651.

Seed: 710365859744858

Coordinates: -40 23
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Spawn in the desert with a temple at coordinates -440 80 and a savanna village that resides on the slopes of a hill at coordinates -184 360.

There are four chests on the bottom of the temple's pit, which contain the following loot:

  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 diamond horse armor
  • 5 gold ingots
  • Enchanted Book - Bane of Arthropods IV
  • Enchanted Book - Unbreaking I
  • Enchanted Book - Mending

Seed: 792224419340412634

Coordinates: -16 252
Biomes: Ice Plains

Spawn on the edge of the ice plains biome, which accomodates three igloos with basements. This means that you will find at least 3 golden apples and some more gold nuggets inside all of them.

You can easily find all three igloos by following these coordinates:

  1. 870 -510
  2. 820 200
  3. 1340 375

Seed: 7409480007384359

Coordinates: 200 236
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Plains

Spawn on the ocean shore and go up north to coordinates -376 -376. There you will find a village with a herd of black horses. Then, move on to coordinates -500 -800, where you will find a woodland mansion.

Your final point of interest is a village located at coordinates -744 -872, which has a blacksmith with a diamond horse armor in his chest.

Seed: 342391504126554

Coordinates: 72 376
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

Spawn near a desert temple and village at coordinates 104 232. The village is rather small and cannot really offer too much, but the temple is where things get really exciting.

If you check out the chests inside the temple, here's what you will get:

  • 3 emeralds
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 3 iron horse armors
  • 6 gold ingots
  • 4 iron ingots

Seed: -952717351893647

Coordinates: 168 252
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

Spawn in a jungle next to a jungle temple and village at coordinates 264 568. However, these are not the only points of interest in this Minecraft seed, as there are two more jungle temples up north at coordinates 312 -200 and -136 -216.

If you manage to loot all three temples, here's what you will end up with:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 27 gold ingots
  • 8 iron ingots

Seed: -264961370275571

Coordinates: -224 256
Biomes: Plains, Forest

If you're planning on farming obsidian, then this Minecraft seed is perfect for that kind of purpose. You will spawn right next to a village that not only has a pool of lava nearby, which is a necessary condition for farming obsidian, but also a chest inside the balcksmith's shop, which is full of it.

Seed: 519511725933357

Coordinates: 232 -60
Biomes: Plains, Mesa, Swampland

Lastly, you may want to get a bit closer to the swampland biome in this seed, which offers an entire swamp village with blacksmith at coordinates 232 80 -424. The smithy's chest doesn't hold any treasures, but it does contain a full armor set, which is more than welcome in such a harsh environment.


Let us know which of these seeds served you the best in the comments below. Also, don't forget to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny!

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