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Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.3 Seeds

Minecraft 1.19.3 version has some of the best seeds for you to explore, so check them all out!

This month Mojang has announced the release of the next big update 1.20 for Minecraft, which will include a new mob Sniffer and will be released in 2023. But before that happens players can play a brand-new version of the Wild Update 1.19.3.

It doesn't change much, but it does include a few features that you may possibly see in the next big update, including new spawn eggs, chat report drafting, as well as experimental built-in datapacks.

Our monthly selection of the top Minecraft seeds has a few surprising locations for you to explore, so don't forget to update your game client to the latest version.

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Seed: 2374522903531219544

  • Spawn: -50, 50
  • Biomes: Forest, Meadow.

There is a half-buried woodland mansion covered by dirt and village at spawn!

On top of that, it is located on the very edge of a cliff in a river canyon. What a great spot to begin a survival game!

Now you can prove that villagers can easily overthrow illagers by simply building huts on top of their mansion.

Seed: 7850875

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Jungle, Badlands.

If you ever wanted to play a pirate-themed survival map, then this seed would be perfect. You spawn on a jungle island with another badlands island nearby.

Both islands are terribly rocky, and there is even a jungle temple hanging off one of the cliffs.

There is also an exposed ruined portal for a quick access to the nether.

Seed: 708078811584129504

  • Spawn: 50, -50
  • Biomes: Jagged Peaks, Meadow.

There is nothing safer in Minecraft than to spawn inside a mountain ring with a village right inside of it.

You can also find a quick access to the underground via the ravine at the back of the mountain.

If you're eager to dig deep enough, you'll find an ancient city at coordinates 25, -50, -350.

Seed: 100486566685710277

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains.

Spawn right in the center of the three villages that can be easily connected with simple pathways. You can trade here, craft, or do anything that you wish.

To the north of spawn, there is also a jungle biome with a nice temple standing at coordinates -200, -950.

Seed: -4880658141040722826

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains.

Sometimes the terrain in Minecraft generates too deep below the general Y-coordinates, and thus causes certain structures, such as igloo in this case, to spawn hanging over the ground at coordinates 150, -400.

Although there is a hatch in the igloo, hinting at the possible basement, there is no ladder leading down. But there is a nice village just downhill.

Seed: 5048680816

  • Spawn: -100, -50
  • Biomes: Forest, Plains.

If you wanted to live on a beautiful island with a village at spawn, then here is your chance.

This seed has everything you need for a survival game, including an ocean monument at coordinates 50, -150, and a pillager outpost at coordinates -800, 200.

Seed: 5461458973126502894

  • Spawn: 50, 500
  • Biomes: Ocean.

Imagine swimming in the ocean, and expecting to find islands and ocean monuments, but you suddenly stumble upon a woodland mansion, standing right in the middle of the ocean biome.

You can find such an oddity at coordinates 50, 50, which is quite close to where you spawn.

An ocean monument nearby stands at coordinates 250, 300.

Seed: 307909456

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Jagged Peaks, Plains.

Here is another massive island with a village at spawn, but this time it has a larger snow-covered mountain.

What's also special about this seed is that there is an ancient city right under the mountain at coordinates 150, -50, 100.

The closest ocean monument can be found at coordinates 650, 150.

Seed: 3638466702058760035

  • Spawn: -400, 150
  • Biomes: Snowy Plains.

How about an island with village that is fully covered in snow and inhabits a frozen ocean? You can spawn on one using this seed.

Resources are scarce, but you can get a few cool items at the igloo basement located on the mainland at coordinates -450, -450.

Seed: 680664914976644918

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains.

Have you ever wanted to live on a ship? How about a house in a ship? Well, here's your chance.

You will spawn next to a nice little village that has not one but two houses lodged inside a shipwreck.

There is another village nearby as well, but with no such luck.

Seed: 752695909913210178

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains.

Many villages tend to spawn on the flat areas, but the village located at coordinates 250, 300 in this seed inhabits an entire cliffside.

It has a few benefits, such as an ability to create hangovers above lower buildings, protecting them from bad weather and unwanted mob intrusions.

Seed: -1600306758503842302

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Forest, Plains.

Raiding woodland mansions without support can be hard. But if you have a village with blacksmith nearby, then there is nothing to worry about.

You will find both mansion and village near spawn at coordinates 400, 150 and 200, 300 respectively.

With some good armor, a sword, and a torch, no mobs will prevent you from getting all that mansion loot.

Seed: -5637819126612005969

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Meadow.

Finding an ancient city or an abandoned mineshaft is great luck. But what if you could find both of them at the same location.

Fortunately, you don't need to go too far and you can already encounter both structures at coordinates -450, -50, -200.

You'll be able to get all the chests from the mineshaft and ancient city, if you can escape that pesky warden.

Seed: 4000337

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Desert, Badlands.

You will spawn right behind the badlands spikes that hide a village at coordinates 200, 250.

This settlement stands on top of a massive ravine that reveals an exposed mineshaft.

This is a very nice coincidence as you can easily gain lots of valuable loot right away.

Seed: -2218334408114454082

  • Spawn: -50, 50
  • Biomes: Various.

This spawn point has almost all types of structures in one place, including a village, a pillager outpost, an exposed ruined portal, a jungle temple, and even an exposed mineshaft.

To the north you will find an ocean shore with an ocean monument at coordinates 100, -300. The biome diversity makes this one great for a survival game as well.

Seed: 2787306746352534055

  • Spawn: 200, 50
  • Biomes: Forest, Savanna.

If you don't mind swimming on a boat for a while, then you can find a very fine survival island with a village at coordinates -850, 50.

There are only a few huts in the village, but plenty of wood and some free space for building as well.

Seed: 3249833424414392

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Forest, Jungle.

Many Minecraft players may find villages that spawn next to woodland mansion quite dangerous, but that is the case only at night.

In this seed, the village at spawn is located uphill above the mansion, and thus has a much more advantegous position, when it comes to fighting hostile mobs.

Seed: 8975248185522353247

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Various.

A lucky spawn can really change your whole gameplan. If you're looking for some hardcore action, then this seed offers a spawn on the bottom of a deep ravine.

The first challenge would be to climb out of the cave alive, and then you can find you first village at coordinates -150, 300.

Seed: 7118028688551159724

  • Spawn: 100, 700
  • Biomes: Taiga, Frozen Ocean.

Cold oceans with lots of icebergs rarely give chance to any other biomes except snowy ones.

But in this rare case you can find an evergreen taiga forest with a village located on a tiny island amidst a frozen ocean at coordinates 900, 550.

On top of that, there is a mushroom island at coordinates 150, 250.

Seed: -5899519900149715525

  • Spawn: 50, 50
  • Biomes: Plains.

Too bad that pillagers don't fight zombies in Minecraft, but if they did that would be one heck of a spectacle.

At least we can dream that one day two groups of mobs will be fighting each other in this seed at coordinates 200, -500, where a zombie village stands right next to a pillager outpost.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.19.3. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

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