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Total War: Pharaoh — Best Factions Tier List

Conquer Egypt and other nations using our tier list guide of the best factions in Total War: Pharaoh.

There are eight factions in Total War: Pharaoh that originate from three different nations: the Egyptians, the Canaanites, and the Hittites. Each has its peculiar playstyle, with the strongest ones owning the largest armies, so follow our tier list guide of the best factions in Total War: Pharaoh, including their best units and strategies.

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Best Factions Tier List in Total War: Pharaoh

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best factions in Total War: Pharaoh:

S-Tier Factions


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Seti is the lord of the western desert tribes, whose faction is focused entirely on combat. Seti starts off with a large army and all five kinds of settlements, which means your economy will flourish really quickly. This also means that Seti is capable of recruiting the best and strongest units in the game, including:

  • Levy Fighters
  • Levy Axemen
  • Levy Javelinmen
  • Levy Clubmen
  • Levy Swordsmen
  • Veteran Levy Javelinmen
  • Veteran Levy Axemen
  • Veteran Levy Fighters
  • Elite Clubmen Elite Axemen

Here, it’s important to quickly overwhelm opponents in battle using high numbers of cheaper units. Then, you’ll have no problem expanding while further growing the number of your units. Of course, you must also balance combat with diplomacy, although it’s not as relevant as not losing too many of your troops.


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Unlike Seti, the Egyptian Pharaoh, the Irsu faction comes from the land of Canaan. It’s the biggest adversary of Egypt and the only one that can take down the massive hordes of the Seti faction. But similarly to Seti, Irsu is focused entirely on combat with the help of its powerful units, such as:

  • Hupshu Clubmen
  • Hipshu Warriors
  • Sabu Nagib Spearmen
  • Sabu Nagib Swordsmen
  • Sabu Nagib Warriors
  • Sabu Nagib Chargers
  • Maryannu of the King
  • Henku Guard
  • Henku Warriors

Once you pick Irsu, focus on sacking and plundering using tougher and heavier units. This will bring huge profits from almost any battle, which you can use to make your troops even stronger. Forget about owning too much land, since you need to be in constant combat to keep up your empire. So, instead, be sure to recruit as many warriors as you can.

A-Tier Factions


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This Egyptian pharaoh has the most elite units in the game, but that doesn’t mean the victories will be easy. Although you can make very quick progress with this faction, new players will have to learn a lot before they can adapt to the many resources of Ramesses. His units include such remarkable warriors as:

  • Medjay Swordsmen
  • Sherden Raiders
  • Medjay Chargers
  • Sherden Spear Bodyguards
  • Sherden Bodyguards (Axe)
  • Elite Medjay Warriors
  • Medjay Spearmen
  • Elite Medjay Warriors (Axe)

You gain a lot of power from the get-go, making Ramesses a very attractive option for beginner players, but don’t lose too many units at once. Remember that your finest units are equipped with charging chariots, so first use medium infantry with archers, and then you can throw in some chariots for a total blowout.


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Although Bay is a Canaanite, just like Irsu, their playstyles are radically different. Whereas Irsu focuses on war, Bay is more of a diplomatic genius who understands relationships more than combat. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need an army; on the contrary, you should recruit as many units as you can to support his policy, including:

  • Canaanite Tribesmen
  • Canaanite Warriors
  • Canaanite Javelins
  • Canaanite Vanguard
  • Veteran Canaanite Warriors
  • Canaanite Ambushers
  • Canaanite Spearmen
  • Elite Canaanite Vanguard
  • Canaanite Stalkers

Despite that, I’d focus mostly on court politics with Bay and push for stronger diplomacy. Although you’re most likely to always be outnumbered in combat, your ambushers, vanguards, stalkers, and sneakers will do a much better job than facing enemy chariots. On top of that, you can recruit enemy units due to your powerful persuasion skills.


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Kurunta is the bloodiest king in the Hittite empire, always craving more battles. Supported by the Hittite Tribesmen, he basically has no limits when it comes to warfare. These units have low morals and high speed, which makes them especially dangerous in combat. But I wouldn’t stop there and recruit even more units, such as:

  • Kaskian Clubmen
  • Phrygian Mercenaries
  • Hittite Spearmen
  • Hittite Chargers
  • Kaskian Warriors
  • Veteran Phrygian Mercenaries
  • Hittite Vanguard
  • Veteran Hittite Spearmen

On top of that, you may find that sabotage and assassinations will work just as well with mercenaries. If you go into battle, then churn out your heavily armored units to the flanks, preventing enemies from escaping. Since you have no access to ranged units, focus on frontal assaults and direct engagements, not counting the casualties.


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Although Suppiluliuma and Kurunta are related, these two factions are vastly different. While Kurunta concentrates on assault, Suppiluliuma is mainly concerned with his defensive positions. This strategy should involve both diplomacy and defensive warfare to ensure the strength of this faction’s immunity. That’s why you’ll need a lot of defensive units:

  • Hittite Tribesmen
  • Hattusan Swordsmen
  • Hittite Spearmen
  • Hittite Axemen
  • Veteran Hattusan Swordsmen
  • Veteran Hittite Spearmen
  • Veteran Hattusan Axemen

When you play as Suppiluliuma, you can’t rush anything but keep growing your medium and heavy units. Since you’ll probably be involved in many battles, it would be smart to obtain many chariots. As a Hittite, you’ll have no access to ranged units, so position your strong defensive units on all fronts, even though your economy may suffer.

B-Tier Factions


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Seti’s wife, Tausret, is a more peaceful strategist than her husband, who wants to do nothing except wage wars. Tausret has all the necessary financial and political power to make her faction one of the best in the game, but it won’t be a walk in the park. She may not have the finest crop of units in Total War: Pharaoh, but be sure to recruit lots of them just to protect her from outer threats, including:

  • Egyptian Peasants
  • Egyptian Swordsmen
  • Egyptian Spearmen
  • Egyptian Axemen
  • Queen’s Guard

Tausret has access to some of the best chariots in the game, but I’d still focus on defense rather than aggression with this faction. If you take enough time to create strong economic and regional connections, you could soon own one of the greatest armies and political forces in Egypt with quick access to Nile’s waters. So, we recommended this only for patient players!


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Seti’s half-brother Amenmesse has a significant financial advantage early in the game, but without proper foreign policy, none of it matters in the long run. His faction may have the best archers in the game, but his other units may not be as effective or numerous, including only:

  • Kushite Runners
  • Nubian Spearmen
  • Nubian Swordsmen
  • Kushite Royal Guard

I’d still recommend Amenmesse mostly to beginner players since this faction has probably the safest start in the whole game. However, you’ll need to spend lots of money to recruit and support your archers to keep all possible enemies at bay. At the same time, you need to look out for any possibilities of civil wars and prevent them before they even begin.

That’s it for our tier list of the best factions in Total War: Pharaoh. Stay tuned for more TW: Pharaoh tips and tricks articles right here.

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