There are dozens of colorful mushroom patches scattered about the Miasmic Swamp in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to solve their puzzle.

Tower of Fantasy How to Solve the Colorful Mushrooms Puzzle

There are dozens of colorful mushroom patches scattered about the Miasmic Swamp in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how to solve their puzzle.

A new update to Tower of Fantasy means a new area with new Black and Gold Nucleus puzzles, new enemies, and other challenges to uncover. One of them is a set of several large, colorful mushrooms, all usually a different shade. Solving the colorful mushroom puzzle awards a Black Nucleus and a few exploration points. There are dozens of mushroom patches scattered about the Miasmic Swamp in all corners of the fetid, rotten area. Here’s how to solve these neon mushroom puzzles.

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The Solution to the Colorful Mushroom Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

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Neon mushrooms only come in three colors: yellow, green, and purple. Whenever you encounter a set, you have two goals.

  1. Find all of the mushrooms. Many patches only contain three of four mushrooms, but others have five. Some patches also hide one or more mushrooms in a sneaky spot a bit farther from the main group, and while the puzzle isn’t timed, not knowing where the last mushroom is can be annoying.
  2. Turn every mushroom the same color. To solve the colorful mushroom puzzle, every mushroom must be the same color. Jumping on top of them changes their hue, and once they all share the same shade, the Nucleus will appear in the center of the largest grouping.

Larger groups of mushrooms will always have at least two of the same color, as there are only three colors to choose from. Leave those alone and change the ones that aren’t matching.

There isn’t much more to say about the colorful mushroom puzzle. The biggest challenge is always finding the one or two hidden ones, but once you have all their locations, it’s a matter of a few jumps and a few extra seconds of effort.

As a Black Nucleus puzzle, the colorful mushroom puzzle is also not meant to be particularly difficult, as those are far more numerous and have a comparatively lower value than the Gold or Red variants. If you’re looking for coverage of Tower of Fantasy, check out our guides hub.

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