Make friends (and clovers) using food in Travel Frog.

Travel Frog Animal Friend & Food Translation Guide

Make friends (and clovers) using food in Travel Frog.

You may be wondering why your frog is even bringing you food items back from his trips, and for good reason. You get them, they sit in your inventory. What purpose do they serve in Travel Frog?

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You’ve surely noticed the animals that stop by your yard every once in a while, and chances are you’ve accidentally fed them a time or two. This is the very use of all the food the frog brings home, and it’s a worthy investment if you know what you’re doing.

Three animals stop by your yard: a snail named Maimai, a bee named Bunbun, and a tortoise named Pukapuka. Each one has its own food preferences, but they all offer the same benefit: Three-leaf Clovers!

Your frog’s friends will grant you clovers when they leave, with the amount being based on the food you give them while visiting. You obviously want to give them the food they like best to get the most from their visits.

This guide will go over each of the food items your frog can bring home, and then will list out each animal’s preferences. I’ve done my best to make this as easy to understand as possible!

Present food

Something to note with the food is that some foods can only be obtained when your frog visits certain areas of Japan. Some foods, like the Steamed Rice Cake, are specialties to certain areas of Japan and, as such, your frog will only bring them home when he visits those areas.

The best way to diversify your frog’s travel locations is to get Province Tickets from the Lottery. You can get tickets for provinces in all four directions, each one with its own specialties.

Some examples of regional specialties are the Southern Rice Cookie and Roasted Rice Stick (North), Onsen Buns (East), and the Five Color Beans and Tile Rice Cracker (South).

There is no way to guarantee you’ll be gifted one of the regional specialties when your frog travels to one of those regions, but it does significantly increase the chance of you obtaining one of the regional foods.

Baked Buns
Five Color Beans
Fried Sweet Noodles
Gohei Mochi
Roasted Rice Stick
Onsen Buns
Southern Rice Cookies
Steamed Cake
Steamed Rice Cake
Tea Leaves
Tile Rice Cracker




Animal preferences

Each animal has four food preference tiers, ranging from “Pleased” (least favorite) to “Can’t eat anymore” (most favorite). Refer to the below lists and the images above to figure out which food is which in-game, and feed them wisely. The more the food fills them up, the more Three-leaf Clovers they’ll bestow upon you.

If you’re only getting Maimai, hang in there through your frog’s numerous journeys. The better traveled he is, the more likely you are to see Bunbun and Pukapuka at your doorstep. Bunbun and Pukapuka are easier to fully please than Maimai.


  • Pleased – Onsen buns, milk, cheese, rice
  • Happy – Baked buns, gohei mochi, cabbage, onion, peppers, scallions, garlic, roasted rice stick
  • Full – Five color beans, strawberry, steamed rice cake, persimmon, banana, tile rice cracker, water, orange, apple, peach, southern rice cookies, hardtack, fried sweet noodles
  • Can’t eat anymore – Chestnuts, tea leaves

  • Pleased – Five color beans, onsen buns, strawberry, peach
  • Happy – Steamed rice cake, water, orange, apple, persimmon
  • Full – Unknown
  • Can’t eat anymore – Peppers, cabbage, chestnuts, milk, gohei mochi, garlic, rice, baked buns, tea leaves, hardtack

  • Pleased – Tea leaves, onsen buns
  • Happy – Scallions, persimmon, chestnuts, water, hardtack
  • Full – Unknown
  • Can’t eat anymore – Roasted rice stick, gohei mochi, steamed rice cakes, five color beans, rice, cabbage, garlic, peppers, strawberry, banana, orange, apple, milk, cheese

This isn’t all there is to know about Travel Frog! If you’ve wandered to this guide, you’ve surely figured out how to play the game, so you have no need for a tutorial translation guide. However, if you’re interested in getting all the items translated, look no further than my Travel Frog item translation guide.

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