Triangle Strategy endings revolve around one key choice late in the game, but there's a true ending you can start working toward early on.

Triangle Strategy: How to Get All Endings

Triangle Strategy endings revolve around one key choice late in the game, but there's a true ending you can start working toward early on.
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Figuring out the endings for Triangle Strategy might seem overwhelming with all the pivotal choices you can make throughout the game, but the three main conclusions boil down to one key vote at the end in Chapter 17. Other choices made before that point and the sum of your Convictions play no role for them.

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Triangle Strategy’s best ending, the Golden Route, is more involved, though. Working towards it involves making the right choices in certain chapters. Here’s what you need to know about it and the other endings.

All Triangle Strategy Endings

We won’t spoil what happens in each conclusion, though some mild spoilers are naturally involved. The decision for each of the endings happens at the beginning of Chapter 17, where Roland, Benedict, and Frederica each propose a way forward. Each route except the true ending involves breaking ties with one important party member. 

Triangle Strategy Aesfrost Ending Choices & Consequences

  • Vote for Benedict’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Roland.

Triangle Strategy Hyzante Ending Choices &Consequences

  • Vote for Roland’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Frederica.

Triangle Strategy Roselle Ending Choices & Consequences

  • Vote for Frederica’s plan.
  • You’ll lose Benedict.

You’re also dealing with just four undecided votes, so your Convictions and the conversation choices made play an important role in deciding which route gets voted on. You’ll have a better chance of persuading any character if you use them in battle frequently, upgrade their weapons, and promote their class.

As always with these votes, we recommend saving beforehand and re-loading if you don’t get the outcome you want for any of the endings. There’s a further two chapters regardless of which route you wind up in.

How to Get Triangle Strategy’s True Ending

Unlocking a fourth option during the Chapter 17 vote involves making the right choices starting in Chapter 7. If you’ve met the criteria, Serenoa will say “There must be another way” after mentioning the Scales will guide the party.

The requirements are:

  • Chapter 7: Don’t use the fire traps if you defend Roland (there’s no consequence if you give him up, though).
  • Chapter 9: Help Sorsley Ende in his illegal salt trade.
  • Chapter 10: Tell Svarog of Roland’s identity (only possible if you help Ende).
  • Chapter 11: Defend the Roselle.
  • Chapter 15: Visit Symon in the Wolffort demesne (this means you won’t recruit Cordelia).

Again, these choices are available regardless of your Convictions. After saying “There must be another way,” Serenoa asks himself a few questions. You should answer:

  • Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?
  • Might Lord Svarog be the key?
  • We can expose the truth hidden in the Goddess’s statue.
  • They’re of the Consortium.

You lose no one in this ending route and gain an additional two chapters after the usual, for a total of 21 chapters. This is also the only way to recruit General Avlora.

That’s all you need to know about Triangle Strategy endings, but make sure to check out our other Triangle Strategy guides for more tips and tricks.

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