Weapon upgrades in Triangle Strategy are pivotal to character growth. Here's what you need to know about this important system.

Triangle Strategy: How to Upgrade Weapons

Weapon upgrades in Triangle Strategy are pivotal to character growth. Here's what you need to know about this important system.
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How to upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy is a fairly straightforward process, but if you want to make several characters’ weapons better, it’ll take some time and patience. You likely won’t get to upgrade everything in your first playthrough, but it’s worth grinding for materials to enhance the weapons of the main Wolffort bunch.

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If you want an easier time during key votes, you’ll be glad you did. This Triangle Strategy guide tells you everything you need to know about upgrading weapons.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Triangle Strategy

You can upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy as soon as you unlock the Encampment by speaking to the smithy, and this is also how you enhance a character’s abilities. Triangle Strategy doesn’t feature equipment aside from accessories, and you can’t change weapons. Instead, you spend materials to add bonus attributes to weapons, such as enhancing accuracy or, slightly less logically, boosting a wielder’s HP.

Each weapon has three upgrade levels, and each upgrade level has three to five unique skills or abilities. Some abilities are an “either/or” situation; you can obtain both by unlocking one, but only one of the abilities can be active at a time.

Abilities cost materials – stone, timber, fiber, and a few others – which take time and in-game money to obtain. Similar to class promotion, it’s best to think carefully before deciding which weapons you want to upgrade. If you press “ZR” or “ZL” in the smithy’s character choice screen, you can organize characters by HP, TP, and weapon strength, a handy way to help decide which warrior might benefit the most from a weapons upgrade.

Finally, it’s worth noting that upgrading a character’s weapon makes them closer to Serenoa, which means you’ll have a slightly easier time convincing them during major votes. This only applies to the initial round of Hose Wolffort characters. Extra recruits, including the Chapter 3 recruit, don’t count.

Where to Get Weapon Upgrade Materials in Triangle Strategy

Most of your weapon upgrade materials drop as spoils in battle, though you can also purchase them in limited quantities from the sundries shop (the portly merchant/Lionel) at the Encampment. He refreshes his stock in each chapter, though you’re still limited to around three or so of each main item each visit

You’ll also find upgrade materials as spoils during battles and mock battles as blue item bag drops. Equip a character with the Golden Pinkie Ring to increase your chances of getting Spoils.

Other rare items, such as Silver and Leather, are found during exploration segments or as rewards for completing certain story missions. These are much rarer, so again, think carefully before deciding who gets the weapon upgrade.

That’s all you need to know about how to upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy, but check out our other Triangle Strategy guides for more tips and tricks.

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