Turtle Rock Dungeon Walkthrough: A Link Between Worlds Guide

This is a full walkthrough of the Turtle Rock dungeon in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.

Turtle Rock is another short dungeon in, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, compared to Desert Palace, Dark Palace, and Swamp Palace. You get the Hylian Shield, which also lets you block magic attacks, from this dungeon.

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Required Items:

  • Ice Rod
Optional Items:
  • Ranged Weapon

This guide will cover Turtle Rock Dungeon including:

Reaching Turtle Rock: Where it’s at, and how to get there.

1st Floor: Complete floor guide.

B1 Floor: Complete floor guide.

Turtle Rock Boss: What he does, and how to beat him.

Reaching Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is located in the southeast corner of Lorule. Use the world link southwest of House of Gales, above a cave, to get there. If you are not sure how to get there, check my World Link Locations guide.

When you are in the area of Turtle Rock, you must find some turtles to reunite them with their parent.

  • The first one is to the south as you exit the world link. Pick it up to put it back into the water.

  • Another one is on a platform to the northwest of the dungeon. You must defeat all the enemies around it so it can escape.

  • The last one is north of the dungeon on a wall. Go northwest of the dungeon until you see a ladder to climb. Head to the east, then wall merge east until you reach the turtle. Exit behind it to knock it into the water.

Once you save all three turtles, Mama turtle will thank you, and swim around the area. You can get on her back, then get off once she passes the entrance. It is the platform she passes in the middle.

When the fire erupts, freeze it with the ice rod, then wall merge around to the entrance.

1st Floor

  • When you enter, freeze the lava to walk across and go into the next room.
  • Go to the ramp to the north, then freeze the middle to stop it from moving.
  • Go up the ramp to the east, then north a little.
  • Freeze the lava that shoots up to the west, then wall merge to the center platform.
  • Use the ice rod to hit all 4 switches, then grab the chest in the middle for a compass.

  • Freeze the erupting lava to the west, then cross to the platform.
  • Go north, then freeze the ramp.
  • Go up the ramp to reach the platform, then step on the switch to open a door to the north.
  • Go back to platform near the lava to the west.
  • Wall merge to the south, then exit on the platform.
  • Step on the switch to open the door under you, then go in.
  • Walk up the ramp without freezing it to lift the north end up.
  • Freeze the middle, then walk to the north platform.
  • Take the portal to the northwest room, then take the next portal to reach the northwest area of the floor.
  • Freeze the lava to reach the south, then exit to get a piece of heart.

  • Head back inside and take the portals back to the southwest room.
  • Jump to the eastern ledge, then take that portal to the northwest room again.
  • This time you will be on the middle platform. Grab the key, then leave to the south.
  • Head west, then freeze the ramp to the south.
  • Continue south until you can go east, then follow the platform to the wall.
  • Wall merge to the north, then exit to grab a key.
  • Wall merge to the north of the room, then enter the doorway.
  • Grab the chest for 50 rupees, then go back to the center room.
  • Head back to the entrance.
  • Go up the ramp to the east, then continue until you reach a wall.
  • Wall merge to the south and exit on the platform.
  • Go south into the next room, then take the teleport panel to the northeast room.
  • Take portal on the platform below to go back to the southeast room.
  • Use a ranged weapon, preferably the bow, to defeat all the enemies in the room.
  • After all enemies are defeated, a chest will appear with 50 rupees.

  • Grab the chest, then take the portal to the south back to the northeast room.
  • Jump off the ledge, then exit the room. Go west, then north into a room.
  • Defeat the enemies to lower the platform and unlock the B1 floor. Head down th stairs.

B1 Floor

There are ghost enemies around in this room. Defeating each will cause a small platform to raise. There are 4 ghosts in the northwest area that form a circle of platforms and a big chest. There are 2 in the southeast area that activate a smaller chest.

  • Head south to the middle room.
  • Go east into the room with a key.
  • Freeze the erupting lava, then wall merge to the other side.
  • Grab the key, then leave the room.
  • Head west to the next room, then defeat all enemies inside to activate the shortcut portal. Go back to the center room.
  • Head south, freeze the ramp, then go to the platform.
  • Go west, freeze the two erupting lava fountains, then wall merge to the north.
  • Continue wall merging to the north until you reach north platform.
  • Head inside to grab a chest for 50 rupees.
  • Go back out, then wall merge to the east to the next platform.
  • Wall merge behind the grating, then exit to form a bridge to the south.
  • Wall merge back to the west and continue to the western platform.
  • Defeat the ghost, jump off the edge, then hit the switch in the middle to raise the platform above.
  • Head south, freezing the ramps to make it across, and unlock the southwestern door.
  • Head to the northwestern part of the room, then destroy the skulls to get reveal a switch. Step on it to activate platforms in the middle room.

  • Leave, then go across the newly activated platforms.
  • Unlock the door to the southeast, then go in.
  • Destroy the skulls in the northeast corner to reveal a switch. Step on it to activate more platforms in the center room.
  • Head back out, then step on the platform to the east of the orb.
  • Hit the orb, then go north a little to defeat the ghost. You might have to go back to hit the orb a few times until you defeat it. Once the ghost is defeated a platform will raise to the east.
  • Hit the orb again, go north, and cross the bridge you made earlier.
  • Wall merge to the south to the platform that was raised.
  • Defeat the other ghost to raise another platform with a chest to the north.
  • Wall merge back to the north, then cross the bridge to grab the chest for 100 rupees.

  • Jump off to the north, then head west.
  • Go south, freeze the ramp, then head to the platform.
  • Freeze the erupting lava to the west, then wall merge to the north platform.
  • Head inside to grab the big key from the chest.
  • Go back out, then wall merge behind the grating to the east to form a bridge to the south.
  • Go across the bridge to the big chest, then grab it to get the Hylian Shield.

  • Jump off to the north, then head west.
  • Go to the lower platforms in the south, then go through the doorway in the middle.
  • Use the ice rod to go south, then use it to hit the switch to activate the elevating platforms.
  • Get on a platform, then wall merge to the north platform when it reaches the top.
  • Open the big door, then head in.
  • Go north, then destroy the skulls to reveal a switch. Step on it to activate two ghost enemies.
  • Defeat the enemies to lower the platform in the middle, then jump down to fight the boss.

Turtle Rock Boss

This boss is a giant molten rock turtle. It will first spin around underneath the platform, then jump up to the platform with you.

Phase 1 – Turtle Fortress

  • Wait for the boss to go under the open parts in the platform, then use the ice rod to attack him. He will periodically shoot fire up, so watch out for that.
  • Repeat until he hops on the platform for phase 2.

Phase 2 – Snapping turtle

While on the platform the boss will move around, extend its head to snap at you, spin, and shoot smoke out in all directions for an attack.

  • Use the ice rod or attack its head with the sword.
  • You can freeze the fire that shoots up to deflect the boss when it starts spinning.
  • Repeat until defeated.

Grab the heart container when you finish, then touch the painting to the north to free Impa.

That’s it for Turtle Rock dungeon. If you need help with anything else, check out my Guide to All guides

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