Want to know how to get the Secrets of Neuschwanstein achievement? Look no further!

Unturned: How to Get The Secrets of Neuschwanstein

Want to know how to get the Secrets of Neuschwanstein achievement? Look no further!
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Unturned, the open-world, free-to-play zombie apocalypse sandbox designed by Nelson Sexton, has a secret lurking in Neuschwanstein Castle on the Germany map. To get the achievement linked to this easter egg, you’ll need to scour the map for teleporter coils, find a secret lab, and defeat the hardest, rarest zombie boss in the game.

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Luckily for you, we’ve got a guide to help you do all that. We’ll go over how to get where you need to be and what to do once you’re there so you can uncover this Unturned easter egg.

How to Get to Neuschwanstein in Unturned

Castle Neuschwanstein is actually not on the Germany map in Unturned. There’s no way to travel to it on foot. Instead, scattered around the map are three Teleporter Coils, tucked in hidden locations. You’ll need to collect these so you can activate a Teleporter hidden in Berlin. 

The map of Germany in Unturned, with red circles for Coil locations and a green circle for the Teleporter location.

The first Coil is beneath Berlin. You can get to it through either the sewers or the river. The coil is in a natural cave that connects to the Berlin sewers. If you’re headed to the cave from the sewers, take the right branch of the cave and look for the coil on the ground to the right.

The second Coil is in the wreckage of the Space Shuttle in Cologne. In amongst the wreckage, in the middle of the road, is an intact tube. Inside is the coil. As always, watch out for zombies — they appear to be rather thick around the crash site.

The third Coil is in the northeast corner of the map, just north of the road to the Ostee Compound. The Coil is located in a red cargo container that has fallen off the train north of the road. Simply open up the container and locate the Coil in the back.

Building The Teleporter

Once you have all three coils, head back to Berlin’s sewers. In the eastern side of the city, you’ll find the laboratory. Place the three coils in the green slots on the wall, and activate the teleporter to the right.

You’ll find yourself in Neuschwanstein Castle! But be careful, as you haven’t even done the hardest part of the easter egg yet.

Getting the Secrets of Neuschwanstein Achievement in Unturned

The Kaiser Zombie is a brand-new boss in the game, and he has a completely ridiculous amount of health. In addition to his health pool, the Kaiser Zombie can spit fire, shoot lightning, cause earthquakes, spit acid, and throw boulders. You might want to gear up with the best items you can before taking him on.

Kill the Kaiser Zombie, though, and you’ll get the Secrets of Neuschwanstein achievement. Look around the castle before you leave, and you’ll be able to pick up the Zweihander — an epic-level melee weapon. Congratulations!

Know of any other cool easter eggs in Unturned? Leave a comment telling us how to get to them. And check out the rest of our Unturned guides for more help with the game!

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