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V Rising Best Castle Locations

Build your castle in the best possible spot with the help of our guide to V Rising.

The latest update for V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot introduced a new area in the northern part of Vardoran. With this new addition, there are some exciting new spots to place your castle. Our guide will show you some of the best castle locations in V Rising, taking into account the new update, which includes the Gloomrot territories.

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Best Castle Locations in V Rising

V Rising Best Castle Location 1: Dunley Farmlands

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Dunley Farmlands is the best region for setting up your base in the early to midgame. It’s the central region with equal access to all other parts of the map, as well as full of resources. I’d suggest building your castle on the platform in the northeastern part of the Dunley Farmlands (indicated by the red circle on the map above).

It’s a great spot with quick access to both Bastion of Dunley and the Church of the Damned. It’s also great for finding such resources like Sulphur Ore, Whetstone, and Grave Dust. There are a few other good spots too, such as central area and eastern edge. But there you’ll have lesser resources and defensive possibilities.

Regardless of the area of your choice in the Dunley Farmlands, always pick a hilltop for better defenses, and stay closer to the settlements.

V Rising Best Castle Location 2: Silverlight Hills

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The best mid to late game base location would be the northwestern area of the Silverlight Hills. It’s naturally protected on all directions by the sea except the east, which can be easily fortified. Here you’ll get an easy access to the Sacred Silver Mine, and thus lots and lots of free silver.

To the south of the castle, you’ll find Brighthaven, a huge port city with a number of fishing spots, a cathedral, and jewellery shop. The rest of the area is a vast no man’s land, which you can explore in your spare time. Note that you’ll be able to find most mineral nodes in the central and northern parts of the Silverlight Hills.

The only drawback is that the Silverlight Waygate is set a bit too far away from the castle position. But you just have to deal with it, as every other location can’t compare to the natural defensiveness of the spot indicated on the map above.

V Rising Best Castle Location 3: Gloomrot

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Gloomrot is the brand new area in Vardoran. It’s divided into Northern and Southern Gloomrot, and the best area to build your castle here, if you decide to do so, is the part in the Northern Gloomrot that stands on the border with the Southern Gloomrot.

Note that it’s not the safest area, but it’s the only one where you’ll find plenty of resources. In general, Gloomrot isn’t the friendliest of places, so defenses should be your priority here. But the spot, which I marked on the map above, has one great advantage, and that’s close proximity to the Gloomrot Waygate, which is located just a bit to the north.

In the southwestern part of Gloomrot, you’ll find the Treasure Hunter Trade Post. You’ll also find most of the villages primarily in the Southern Gloomrot. As for the rest of the territories, I wouldn’t advice considering Cursed Forest or Farbane Woods for building your castle at any point in the game, as those areas don’t have much to offer in addition to being extremely dangerous.

That’s it for the best castle locations in V Rising. Stay tuned for more V Rising tips and tricks articles right here.

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