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V Rising — How to Plant Seeds

Need more materials than foraging can provide in V Rising? Plant a garden!

As you progress through V Rising, it’ll become necessary to do more than just forage the area around your castle for resources. You’ll need large amounts of materials for crafting, defense, and keeping your prisoners happy. For that you’re going to need to get gardening. Here’s how to plant seeds in V Rising.

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How to Find and Plant Seeds in V Rising

In order to grow your own resources, you’ll need to have seeds, as well as plots near your castle to grow them. There are a few methods to find seeds:

  • Loot from high-level and V-Blood Bosses.
  • From destroyed barrels and crates.
  • Purchase from vendors.
  • Dropped when gathering plants.

Once you have your seeds, plant them in dirt plots, grass or garden plots to grow them. They’ll have a few in game hours to grow. When they are ready you can harvest them, sometimes getting seeds from the harvest. These plants will not need to be replanted, as they continuously grow without dying. I wish my real life plants were like that, maybe I’d finally have a green thumb.

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How to Obtain Seeds in V Rising

The easiest way to obtain seeds is to simply buy them from vendors. Copper coins can be hard to come by, though, and this can quickly become costly. The vendors who sell seeds are:

  • Shady Herb & Potion Dealer in Farbane Woods
  • Berk the Traveling Merchant in Dunley Farmlands
  • Ottar the Merchant in Silverlight Hills

While exploring around you can break barrels and crates, looking for seeds that may drop as loot. This can happen but it’s not guaranteed that seeds will drop. The best area to do this is the Brighthaven Traders Market since it has a large amount of breakable items. In addition to looting seeds from barrels, you can try and obtain them from the plants themselves. Whenever you harvest a plant there’s a chance that it’ll also give you a seed. This can take some time just like looting breakable items, as it’s not a guarantee. This is where you can find the different plants:

  • Farbane Woods: Blood Rose, Fire Blossom, Snow Flower, Mourning Lily
  • Dunley Farmlands: Blood Rose, Mourning Lily, Hell’s Clarion Spores, Sunflower, Cotton
  • Silverlight Hills: Blood Rose, Snow Flower, Sacred Grape
  • Cursed Forest: Ghost Shroom
  • Hallowed Mountains: Blood Rose, Snow Flower
  • Gloomrot: Plague Brier

The most efficient way to get seeds in V Rising is by taking out high level enemies, such as Treants, or V-Blood Bosses. Treants in Farbane Woods are especially efficient when it comes to obtaining seeds as they have a high drop rate for Treant loot. All V-Blood Bosses, however, have a higher rate than regular enemies when it comes to dropping seeds after defeat. Farming lower level bosses can quickly give you a stockpile of seeds for your farm.

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How to Plant Seeds in V Rising

Once you have a stockpile of seeds you need to head back to your castle. When close enough you, enter the build mode using B. If you’ve already defeated Polora the Feywalker you can unlock Garden Floors to use as your plots, otherwise you’ll need to plant your seeds in dirt tiles or grass. Dirt tiles require fiber to build, with the total number ranging on how many seeds you want to plant, with a tile being able to hold five plants. Garden Floors must be attached to the Castle heart or other border tiles and cost:

  • Blood Essence x4
  • Plant Fiber x60

Once you have your plots set up, place the seed of choice into your action bar. Select it and walk to the area of the plot you want to plant it. “Use” the seed to confirm planting it there. Wait a few hours in game for the plant to mature and voila, you have resources you can harvest right at your castle.

Those are the main methods to acquire seeds in V Rising as well as how to plant them for continual resource generation. For more on how to acquire resources, such as the best fishing spots, how to defeat certain V Bosses, or how to get Scourgestones, check out our full V Rising guide library.

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